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Mar 5, 2007 03:16 PM

Lunch halfway between Downtown LA and Beverly Hills

Hi all,

I'm meeting a business associate for lunch this week who has a meeting until noon downtown, and my meeting is in Beverly Hills and also ends at noon. Can you suggest a good meeting point for lunch halfway in between -- preferably close to the 10 freeway so it'll be easy on and off for her as she is on a tighter schedule than I am, so I'm OK having to drive down Robertson or La Cienega to get to the freeway. Something casual but "smart" is what I'm after, not an expense account kind of a place, and the type of food is not relevant. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Maybe the cafe at Surfa's? (Restaurant supply place) It's on National and ? and has really good food. Certainly casual. And close to the freeway.

    1. Surfas is west or parallel with Beverly Hills so not that convenient for downtowners...I work near Fairfax and when I lunch with people downtown, we have gone to Pacific Dining Car, El Cholo and Sa Rit Gol.

      1. Luna Park on La Brea a half block north of Wilshire might fit the bill.

        1. Guelaguetza on Olympic just east of Western for Oaxacan food. It's not a fancy place and may not be sufficiently upscale, but the food is very good.

          Do a search for places in Koreatown.

          Mozza is more toward the Beverly Hills side, but it's on the way. Unfortunately, I doubt you could get a lunch reservation and might be stuck waiting for a bar seat.

          Campanile is good for lunch. It's expensive, but is reliable.

          A somewhat off-the-beaten track place is Marino's on Melrose in Hollywood. I find it very dependable. Some of the fish dishes are fantastic.

          1. I agree that K-town is your best bet, and thus, I second the rec for Guelaguetza.