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Mar 5, 2007 03:12 PM

What happened to Cafe Habana?

Anyone know what happened to this great spot? so much fun there.....

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  1. Is it gone? I hope not, I love that place.

    1. i heard it was 86ed. that would suck, and they are always packed so i dont see how...unless their lease was up....

      1. We did not eat here but we walked by it on Saturday night and it was open and packed as usual?

        1. They randomly closed for a week last month (vacation?) but I things seem normal now... I haven't walked by for a few days though

          1. It's still there, I just went there on Friday!

            It was delicious - as usual - and my sister that came to New York for the first time fell in love with the corn. Unfortunately we were sitting next to (aka almost on top of) four mid-thirty year old women that acted like high school students. Unfortunate. Even my cheerleading sister was annoyed by them.