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Mar 5, 2007 03:07 PM

need special childrens birthday cake

Desperately seeking bakery who does a nice chocolate cake with Star Wars theme and decorations. A 6 year old will settle for nothing less. Bakery in West Los Angeles or anywhere west of La Brea.

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  1. hansen's cakes does all kind of whacky shapes/pictures, etc. they have several - the one i've been to is on fairfax in little ethiopia. also - the cake is delicious!

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      Hansen's is a great suggestion. They have showrooms in Beverly Hills and Tarzana as well. Personally, I always go through the Beverly Hills store. I once had them turn a cake into the Harry Potter sorting hat. If you have some lead time, you can really create something spectacular.

    2. Hansens (or is it Hansons?) on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia does customized cakes that look impressive. I don't think they're the best tasting in the world though. You can probably get a sample, and see if the taste is up to par for you.

      1. Sweet Lady Jane will do a customized cake for you if you get them the image you want ahead of time -- they need lead tiime though. Can't remember how much.

        1. SusieCakes makes great-looking and delicious birthday cakes for kids. I have seen some great theme cakes in the display case and in their catalogue

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            Where is SusieCakes located? And thanks for all the suggestions

          2. my son wanted the same thing! but cupcakes. i made them (choc frosting w/ star shaped sprinkles) & got star wars character rings from gloria's cake supply on sawtelle.
            and for his 5th b-day party, i got a cake from costco, bought some cool star wars figurines at puzzle zoo on the promenade, and he was THRILLED!

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              I've heard great things as well about Gloria's Cake Supply as well. They used to have limited store hours, so it's probably best to call ahead if you're going.