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Mar 5, 2007 02:55 PM

new lunch place in west la area?

anyone know of a good and inexpensive place for lunch tomorrow in west la or weho area?

possibly asian or healthy ....

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  1. not at all formal, but what about LEMON MOON?

    1. If you wind up in West Hollywood, you might try Tango Grill on Santa Monica Blvd. near Palm. Casual Argentine-style food, service is usually excellent, tables outside on the sidewalk so you can people-watch. Dog friendly.

      Tango Grill
      8807 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

      Or, if you just want a burger, try Steak Depot, basically on Santa Monica Blvd. & San Vicente. It's self-serve joint but hey make a killer chili cheese burger, Cash only.

      1. Oh yes, if what you need is something decent close to the 10 Freeway, then try the Overland Cafe. It's a reliably good (not stellar) neighborhood restaurant and the menu veers towards healthy in several places. It's on Overland @ Charnock. Head south towards Culver City when you get off the freeway

        1. Culver City has a bunch of options. Don't know if that's the right neighborhood for you. Kaizuka on Culver is a pleasant place for Japanese food. Surfas Cafe has a lot of salads and sandwiches but limited seating. Bluebird Cafe is very cute with a nice selection of salads, sandwiches, and pressed sandwiches (and cupcakes...mmmm!) Personally, I think Overland Cafe is pretty run of the mill, the type of place if someone suggested meeting there I'd go, but I'd never make a trip there.

          1. Personally, I like Eat Well on Santa Monica Blvd. in Weho... Easy to get healthy stuff.

            Literati, Jack Spratt's Grille, and Lazy Daisy Cafe all have healthy option esp. Jack Spratt