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Mar 5, 2007 02:52 PM

Going to Chicago

This will be my first time in Chicago....Any recommendations on where to eat??

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  1. See, like, every thread on this board. Then ask a more specific question.

    1. Chicago has restaurants in every category, from fine dining, to ethnic eats, to pizza, to fast food.

      Prices range from $250-350 or more per person at Alinea, for three dollars for a Big Mac.

      Locations range from Gurnee up north, to Park Forest in the south, and from Michigan City in the east to Aurora and Hinkley in the west - distances of roughly a hundred miles.

      There are *thousands* of restaurants. I suppose we could name them all... ;)

      1. Just came back from a wonderful trip. 99% of the restaurants I went to I found thur this site. Stayed at the Sofitel (very nice). I totally recommend Tempo Cafe for breaky, Pizano"s for pizza (the host there was super - told us where to go...sat down with us) pizza blow your mind good. Hugo's Frog Bar and Fish House - yummy - but don't order too much...many people, like us had no room for dessert and Bandera for lunch/dinner is really great too. We did have one BAD experience. I don't recommend Chicago Chop House. The waitress was working us over - just felt like she needed to hit her quota of selling. The best thing i can say was the asparagus was cooked perfectly - but the hollindase tasted like it was made with margerine...if i am going to eat rich food fatting food it better be good. My steak - which i asked for rare was medium - i didn't send it back for fear of spit in my food. It was toatally expensive and dissapointing. The gin and tonic was good. Totally expensive and not worth the money. We should have followed our instincts to run after a drink. The meal was the same price as our hotel for a night....and it sucked!
        So thanx chow hounds for a great trip. I learned my lesson not to go anywhere unless you have researched it yourself.

        1. For a nice meal, I highly recommend Black Bird. It's expensive, but it's totally worth it IMO. The menu looks a little odd at first glance- doesn't seem as though the ingredients listed are going to work well together in many of their dishes, but they do. It knocked my socks off!!

          1. Go to "chicago restaurant menus" . You will find over 3000 menus, sorted by neighborhood and ethnicity. First get a Chicago city map and find where you are going to stay. Then look at restaurants that would be convenient for you---click onto "on screen menu". If you're interested in one that's too far for walking, go to "RTA Trip Planner" to find out how to get there by bus or subway. Often people ask for the name of a charming inexpensive little ethnic find downtown on Michigan Avenue: doesn't exist---rents are too high downtown. The interesting little goodies are out "in the neighborhoods".