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Mar 5, 2007 02:37 PM

choosing a stand mixer, need advice

i'm looking to purchase a stand mixer and have narrowed down my choices to kitchenaid and viking. in researching both, i've been reading about big problems with each.

with the kitchenaid artisan, i read that the newer models use plastic in the motors, where before they used metal. the motors supposedly break down when mixing anything that's on the heavy side like bread. i enjoy kneading bread by hand, i also don't want a machine that's going to break down on me on a day i'm feeling lazy.

with the viking pro, i read on cook's illustrated that while it's very sturdy, the attachments (paddles/hooks) fall off in the middle of mixing. i don't really need to deal with that, either.

so i'm curious as to what your experiences are with one or the other, and what you would recommend. i don't have the kind of money where if one breaks down and is out of warranty that i would be able to buy another to replace it right away. thanks!

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  1. kitchenaid pro 600. i have it. love it. and use it often. ci ranked it tops. and customer service is excellent.

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      check out my avatar.....this souffle wouldn't have been so explosive or simple without the egg whites i beat up in my mixer!

    2. I have a Kitchenaid (maybe 5 years old) and have had no problems. If I remember correctly, they have a pretty strong warranty policy.

        1. I have a kitchenaid pro 600. I've had it for about 5 or 6 yrs now and it gets a lot of use. I love it and I'm very glad I chose this model.

          1. I have the viking 5 qt. I love mine. i've never had the paddles fall off during mixing. there is a trick to putting them in correctly. and, i always just pull on them a bit to make sure they are secure then mix away. i'd consider it, but i have never used a kitchen aid.

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              I have the Viking 7 qt, which I got because my small Kitchen Aid 4 1/2 qt (older version which I still love) was too small for some things. I love my Viking equally as much as my old KA. I don't have a problem w/the attachments falling off, either. I just make sure they're in there from the start. I opted to buy the big Viking rather than a bigger KA just because I wanted the big wattage and the nice deep bowl. So, I guess I can't really speak to how the new KA's are, but I do like my new Viking. I still use my old KA for small jobs and do notice that even on small batch doughs, it does tend to wobble around and strain while the Viking will power through just about anything.