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Mar 5, 2007 02:18 PM

Birthday in Vancouver

We'll be in Vancouver for my husband's birthday, and I'd love to take him somewhere wonderful. Here's the kicker, though: we'll have our 7-year-old son with us, who behaves for the most part very well in restaurants but is willing to eat almost nothing beyond cheese and bread (or its kiddie relations, mac & cheese, pizza, quesadilla, cheese burrito, cottage cheese, etc.). Ethnic, unfortunately, is out. I don't really want a family restaurant. And I don't really want a big touristy experience, either. Have emailed Joe Fortes and they're willing to take us and feed my son their "giant macaroni," but it sounds very touristy. Am I dreaming, or is there somewhere lovely that would actually work for us?

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  1. Hey Laura,
    try Monk McQueens,
    A Kettle of Fish,
    or either one of the 2 revolving restaurants - Top of Vancouver or Cloud Nine.

    I don't know much about kiddie foods there but they are all western food restaurants and I'm sure the revolving restaurants will keep your son occupied and at the same time allow you to have a romantic dinner.

    1. Bishop's may be a good place to call and check. They've always been incredibly accommodating and gracious. It's on the high-end of dining but as with most Vancouver restaurants very laid-back and you'd definitely get amazing West Coast food.

      1. I've heard that Feenie's does a killer mac 'n' cheese.

        1. Feenie's for sure! Very kid-friendly - poutine, Feenie's Weenie, and a $14-hamburger (my husband's favourite). Also lots of adult options. Definitely a favourite...

          1. For really really nice I vote Bishop's - they are so darn gracious there I'm pretty sure they wouldn't bat an eye (although they probably don't get many kids, so it might be worth a call). Many $.
            I don't think Joe Fortes is a bad idea at all, expecially if you're looking for something downtown, unless the revolving options appeal (might try that with my gang one of these days).
            I personally think Feenie's is a bit loud and dark for kids but mine are under 5.
            If location is not an issue and ambiance takes second (3rd, 4th) place to food then my own choice would be Henry's. It's kind of mini-mall chic, but there are a lot of options (French and Italian). The food is good AND they have a kids menu. I'm not entirely sure its decor/locale are fancy enough for out-of-towners, but its where I'll go when my kids are just a bit older.