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Mar 5, 2007 02:17 PM

Dim Sum London

Anyone know of any good locations for Dim Sum for a group of eight to twelve?

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  1. I heard Hakkasan is good
    and Yauatcha in Soho looks stunning but the prices are a bit pricey.

    1. In London, the best dim sum are probably (in no particular order - each has a slightly different offering) - Royal China (Baker St location can deal with large parties easily - very fresh and well flavoured dim sum), Phoenix Palace, Glentworth St (very good dim sum, ott dining room but apparently service can be a problem - although never for me personally), Dragons Castle, at the Elephant - excellent cooking, great space, but the location can be a put off to some. In Chinatown, Harbour City and New World are both reliable, fielding a more standard selection. Chuen Chen Ku has gone downhill on the evidence of a recent visit. Hakkasan and Yauatcha both much more "upmarket" than the selection above...

      1. There is a great new inexpensive chain called Ping Pong, great for lunches or snacks

        There is a great little place a couple of doors down from the fire station on Shatesbury Avenue. It has 50% off at lunch times but the quality is of somewhere at twice the price. Amazing!

        1. Yauatcha was memorable and quite good the last time we were there. It is spendy comparatively to the States...but so is just about everything. The scallop dumplings were addictive.

          Note that its not a "cart" service restaurant, but rather sit down and fairly upscale.

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