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Mar 5, 2007 02:09 PM

Kudos to Barley John's New Brighton MN!

My folks were in town and my dad was looking to try some of the local brews. We needed a place that was kid friendly with good beers and decent food, and Poivre recommended Barley John's. It was an awesome suggestion. Keep in mind that I am not a beer person so I have never paid attention to any prior posts on this place if any exist. Anyway, they seated us right away in the very small space (it was early, like 5:30) and moved people around a little to accomodate my dad's knee brace and the high chair. The beer was reportedly "fantastic" per Paz. Mom got red wine and promptly spilled it all over chowbaby, which was scary (glass, red wine, blood? no blood) and the waitress was awesome, all over it in a jif, super nice. The food was solid, 3 got pizzas (H, N and chilpotle, all were very good and in fact are right up there for best TC 'zas). One got a burger and judged it good I think. Overall, near perfect: nice atmosphere, nice waitress who was efficient and helpful, good food, great beer. Can't say enough good things about this place, and again, I don't even like beer.

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  1. Great report, Alice. It's always nice to know about near-perfect places to dine. :)



      Here are links to a couple of other threads in which Barley John's is discussed. We go there often. The beer is fantastic, I love the waitress, and the burgers are absolutely incredible.

      1. I recently ate and drank there for the first time as well. I really enjoyed it and was quite surprised by how small the place is. I have driven past this place for years and always thought it was quite a bit bigger, but there are maybe a dozen tables and a small bar. But i have to say all in all i was quite happy with everything. We went for happy hour and tried all of their beers. They have one that they age for 3 years (one of which is in bourbon barrels) and has a definate sherry/port smell and taste, but with a little carbonation. Very tasty, but would be hard to drink a full glass of it (6oz pour and 14% alcohol).

        Food was all good, a definate hippy feel to it (you can sub brown rice for fries). But very good. I had the braut. get it without cheese. the cheese was too much. friends were vegetarian and both loved their sandwiches. definately veg friendly with at least a 1/3 of the food being vegetarian.

        Will be back.

        1. tears in my eyes when reading about chowbaby "au vin" - Glad everyone ok & that I got a laugh!

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            They say humor is chaos remembered in tranquility. I think I am finally arriving at the point where I can laugh. She was pretty unphased actually, just sat there blinking and looking surprised. I like "chowbaby au vin" though, I will use that.

          2. I absolutely ADORE The J Pizza. Its their take on Hawaiian, but to me its like Fondue pizza. The cheese is perfect!!