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Mar 5, 2007 02:04 PM

Help! Need organic produce in South Slope

I will soon be moving to 21st st between 5th and 6th, and I have no idea where I'm going to buy my produce (other than the greenmarket, but that doesn't help me when it's Wednesday night and I need to buy broccoli for a stir-fry). Do any of the grocery stores down there carry organic stuff?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Park Slope Food Coop on Union between 6th and 7th Aves. is the only one I can think of. You have to be a member. It's an excellent place.

    1. try steve's c town on 9th street between 5th and 6th . it has a good amount of organic.

      1. There's also a health food store which carries organic produce on 5th ave. and 10th st.

        1. Thanks everyone; this helps! I commute via the R, so I could just get off at 9th/4th, do my shopping, and either get back on or have a slightly longer walk home.