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Mar 5, 2007 01:51 PM

AOC Review 02/07 - with pictures

Hello All,

We went to AOC a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would post the pictures that I took because I have enjoyed all of the pictures my other chowhounds have shared over the years. It was all in all a great meal! It seems they have a new menu for 2007, or at least have added several items to the menu, while keeping some of their more popular items as well. We decided last minute that we were in the mood, and actually called 1/2 hour before we wanted to show up, and ended up getting a booth for 7:15pm! My husband said that was a sign that we shouldn't go (He is of the Groucho Marx school "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.") but I convinced him and with 3 other friends we were off! I apologize if the descriptions aren't very detailed, because the meal was a couple of weeks ago, some I remember loving or disliking, the rest just blended together.

Here is what we had:

Starter: Spicy Olive Paste with Marinated Olives (brought with delicious, soft warm bread)
Roasted Dates with Parmesan & Bacon (wonderful as usual!)
Cheese Plate (I forgot to write down the cheeses)
Marinated Olives & Marcona Almonds (served with the cheese)
Pork Rilletes with Pickled Onions (we really enjoyed this, it was very flavorful, soft, and great on just the table bread)
Clams with Artichokes, Vermouth & Nettles
Farro & Black Rice with Pine nuts & Currants
Grilled Scallops with Saffron Potatoes and Blood Oranges (this was awesome, the blood oranges really made the dish, and the scallops were prepared perfectly)
Pork Confit with Braised Red Cabbage & Mustard (a little overcooked/dry, and bland)
Sautéed Wild Mushrooms Persillade (wonderful!)
Steamed Fingerlings with Crème Fraiche (wonderful!)
Veal Scaloppini, Ricotta Pudding, & Salsa Verde (the breading on the veal was coming off by the time it got to the table, and it was a little too oily)
Young Broccoli with Garlic & Chili

For Dessert: (Let me say, I was not impressed with either of the desserts)
Gateau Breton with Calvados, Smokehouse Apples & Crème Legere (not very tasty, dry, and the apples tasted gritty)
Bittersweet Chocolate Tart with Caramelized Bananas & Hazelnuts (the tart was so hard would had trouble cutting it with a knife, but the bananas we good)

Here is the link for the pics!

Happy Eating!

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  1. Hey, nice job (not just with the photos, but in the scope and variety of your choices). When we (wife and myself) dined there, we thought we'd over-ordered with 8 small plates and two desserts, but you two beat us out by an additional two dishes! That's impressive :-)

    1. The dates and the farro are always my two faves at AOC. Never been much of a cheese plate guy, although I do like Humboldt Fog and Saint Andre.

      1. I'm walking distance to AOC but I've never gone because I'm terrified by the potential cost. What does a meal like that set you back?

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        1. re: bdumes

          Hi... The original poster ordered many small plates, so your $$ may vary. But figure about $50 per person before wine or tip. Not outrageous at all, really...

        2. For cost - it was about $75 per person for 5 people, but we had 3 bottles of wine as well.

          1. I guess this is why I mostly cook at home. :-) My wife and I eat out once a month (at most) at our favorite sushi place where we get the omakase which usually ends up being $70 or $80 for both of us. No wine, but an amazing meal.

            It does look lovely, though...