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Mar 5, 2007 01:48 PM

White Spot Calgary

After reading this post on Whitespot Vancouver, I had to try their new-ish location in Calgary on 32nd Ave NE. I must admit that I've never eaten at White Spot in my life. I went there for lunch with some girls from work. We were put off at first b/c there was NO WHERE to park. The parking lot is big but it butts up to the parking for the Shaw building so I'm not sure all the cars were actually there for White Spot. The hostess actually came out and helped us figure out where to park (we ended up in front of a "Do not park" sign in front of the dumpsters.

Two of us ordered the "Legendar" hamburger platter with fries and coleslaw and one of us ordered the chicken quesedilla with caesar salad on the side. I really enjoyed my hamburger. I was afraid it would be too much b/c it comes with two patties but it turned out just right. The Triple O sauce really impressed me and the burger was great. The fries were good but not outstanding & the slaw tasted funny. I would go back for the food BUT as it seems with all Calgary restaurants these days the services SUCKED! We got there at 12:15 & our food did not arrive until right at 1pm. They were busy but this is a bit long to wait during lunch. Our server disappeared after dropping off our food not to be seen again for 15 refills, no "how was it", nothing. If I go back again for lunch, I will arrive much earlier to find parking & hopefully to get a bit faster service.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My experience with chains has been that typically, the head office signs all their franchise/locations to a corporate wine contract with one or two major labels. Individual stores don't have the ability to source their own wine. Sadly, for a BC company, they really should be showcasing BC wine, but for them, im sure it all comes down to economics and which wines they can generate the highest margins on.

      Another reason to hate chains! :)

    2. I think my post/rant disappeared because I used some adult only language. Thanks for the reply anyways YEN!

      1. I'm visiting Calgary from Toronto right now. Just had a triple burger at Peter's and loved it. Seemed better than I recall even from my last visit here two years ago.

        It has whet my appetite for more burgers.

        Been recommended a couple of places but am particulary curious about White Spot. Never been.

        Will this satisfy a burger jonzin?? The one on MacLeod Trail is the one I'd visit...


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          I've been to both and the 32nd Ave. one does have better food. You should do ok with the burger -- they are very good. The burgers are pretty much what we order, though Mr. S does like the roast turkey dinner. The shakes are fairly good too. Plus, you get all you can eat fries.

          1. re: sweeterpea

            Ya I'll be going to the one in the SW on MacLeod as it's in my area and I've been driving around everywhere on my visit here so something in the area will be preferable. As long as the burgers are good, I'll be happy. Thanks!

            1. re: magic

              I'm not a fan of Whitespot myself so I suggest you go a little further up MacLeod to Tommys Burger Bar on the West side just north of Southland Drive. I'm sure lots of fellow Chowhounders would agree it's a better bet if you don't want to disappoint your burger appetite.

              1. re: hclass

                Ya, I know all about Tommy Burger, but I wanted to give this White Spot a try first. We don’t have this chain out east so I was curious, but not expecting much. Plus when I went it was New Years day and I wasn’t sure if Tommy Burger was open or not. Tommy Burger will for sure be sampled on my next visit.

                White Spot was decent. Certainly I’ve had better burgers but it was fairly decent. Not sure I’d rush back, but I wouldn’t be opposed to revisiting for the burger somewhere down the line one day. I was kinda scratching my head at their “Triple O” sauce. Seemed like standard mayo to me...

                1. re: magic

                  You kind of have to grow up with the "Triple O" sauce, it's more of a nostalgia thing I think. Grew up in Van with it so everytime I head back, I always try and stop in.

                  It's more like mayo with thousand island throw in. Ha ha ha...onion rings are the way to go there. As for milkshakes, would definitely skip and go to Peter's instead.

                  1. re: bdachow

                    I did indeed go to Peters’. It was my second time there. The first time I went was X-mas 2006. I must say I really like Peters’. I agree about their milkshakes. It's odd to have a freezing milkshake in your car in minus 24 degree weather, but what choice do you have when you visit during winter. I had a grape milkshake. Killer. I must say I also enjoyed Peters' burgers more than I did on my 2006 visit. I don't know why. My memory of Peters' burgers was good, but not mindblowing. This time I would say it was great. Maybe the difference was I got a triple burger (lotso beef!) and had their BBQ sauce (think I held the sauce last time). I devoured the triple. It was heaven. Very very tasty. Wish their fries were fresh cut but oh well. Next time I’d probably hold on the fries, not sure they were worth the calories.

                    1. re: magic

                      Yeah, I'd agree with the assessment on the milkshakes. My SO LOVES their banana milkshakes. And you're right about the cold weather. I took a recent pass through Wendy's drive through when I was in Kelowna in sub-zero just so that I could have a Frosty. Nothing like freezing your butt off already and then scarfing back cold food! But then again, if you're on ChowHound, you love your food so a little thing like weather sure isn't going to deter you from enjoying!

                      1. re: magic

                        Get the onion rings instead of the fries... those are worth it.

                        1. re: Strider

                          Next time I for sure will. I tried them two years back and remember them being good. Will have them next time instead of the fries.