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Mar 5, 2007 01:47 PM

local wine clubs SEA

I am trying to find a 40th birthday present for a friend who has everything and someone suggested a wine club membership. How do these work? Are their local wine shops that run their own? I'd like it if it featured Northwest Wines (WA and/or OR).

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  1. A Membership to a wine tasting group or more of a Wine-of-the-Month thing?

    1. More of the later, wine of the month thing.

      1. I know they don't just cater to the PacNW but I would definitely check out the club options at K&L Wines in the Bay Area. They are one of the best wine shops in the country. Here's the link to their clubs: .They UPS 2 wines a month to your house.

        I do know West Seattle Cellars has a monthly club, I think you need to go by and pick up the wine tho...

        1. Check out Chateau Ste Michelle's "Vintage Reserve Club" -