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Mar 5, 2007 01:47 PM

HELP! Birthday dinner for 30 ppl

I'm in search of a place to hold a birthday dinner for approx. 30 ppl. Semi-private or private room preferred or if the restaurant could hae a couple tables together that could hold 30 ppl. Flexible on locations - Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Westside, Santa Monica, etc. Just not San Fernando Valley or Orange County. Flexible on cuisine as well - Japanese, Chinese, Buffet style, tapas, italian, Korean, etc. Some places I have in mind so far (pls add ur opinion on the appropriateness if you've been there!)

-Manna/Tahoe Galbi (kbbq)
-Kado Teppenyaki
-Musha Santa Monica
-Cima buffet
-Khoury's buffet
-any ideas appreciated!

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  1. I actually just had my birthday dinner at Tagine in Beverly Hills. They do a moroccan tasting menu; it's relatively affordable and if you have 30 people, you can reserve the whole restaurant. I heard about it from another post on this board (thanks, Dommy!), and was very pleased with the experience. We had around 7 dishes, all of which were tasty. The meal started with a broccoli soup, and then a second course of a salad with watercress, shrimp and crab (the dressing was very tasty -- with a hint of honey and citrus). Other courses included grilled shrimp, salmon, chicken in a mini tagine, lamb two ways (stewed with dried fruits and grilled lamb chop), and the signature bastilla. We brought our own cake. I don't know what the final total was, but the tasting menu was $42 per person. I thought it was well worth it, based on the variety and quality of the food. Also, the staff is friendly and service very good.

    Here's a link to Dommy's post on Tagine:

    Here's a link to an earlier post with pictures of the tasting menu

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