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Mar 5, 2007 01:41 PM

Wayne's Bagels - Calgary

As a mis-placed American in Calgary, I was having a bit of an issue with the lack of bagel places with more than one kind of bagel/cream cheese in Calgary. I just stumbled across Wayne's Bagels after reading about them in Avenue magazine. I really like the bagels & they have many different kinds to choose from. My husband highly recomends the Eggs Wayne which is a bagle with poached eggs, montreal smoked meat & hollandaise. I stuck with the cranberry orange bagel with schmear & was also quite happy. The only downside was that it was very smokey in the restaurant b/c they use a real fired oven to make their Montreal type bagels. All in all, we'll be back!

Any other great bagel places you can recommend?

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  1. Merry- I prefer Montreal's to Wayne's- I get Montreal's from the bagel place in Calgary Farmer's Market . You can go to their shop too, but as it's somewhere in the suburban wilds that I never, ever visit, I just go the the farmers market. They also have the most amazing cream cheese- Winnipeg style, it is like butter, incredible!

    Speaking as another American (albeit one not misplaced anywhere in Canada!), I miss proper NY style bagels, which I actually prefer to montreal style. You can get these in Toronto (eg at Gryfe's, my fave bagel place in the world) but not Calgary. HOWEVER, it might be years away, but part of the retail aspect of the Montreux-Lausanne condo towers (10th Ave and 14 St SW) will (or is supposed to) be a Carnegie Deli. The real thing! Finally, decent pastrami in Canada!

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      I'll have to try the bagel place in the Farmer's Market. I love to go there but it's usually later in the day after my bagel craving has past. I will have to buy some & take them home next time. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: Merry113

        Well I'm just gonna have to high-tail it down to the Farmer's market on Saturday and try out the bagels. I'm a long-time Fairmount fan (including hitting the joint in the wee hours thanks to their 24/7) and used to go to the Faubourg for convenience. While in Toronto for five years, my husband and I settled for the Kettelman's around the corner (it was a very short trip on Saturday mornings....could be made in a bathrobe on rollerblades if necessary) but would bring back Fairmount when we were visiting friends in Montreal. I have not eaten a bagel since setting foot in this town..... and it's been almost three years.

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          Juberzilla- the owner of Montreal's used to bake at one of the big bagel places in Montreal proper, so hopefully you'll like it.

          I had no idea there was a Kettelman's in Toronto. We make a beeline for there when we visit Ottawa.

    2. Wow - turning two of Montreal's famous foods, smoked meat & bagels into something that would be considered blashphemy in Montreal. Can anyone whose been to either St. Viatueur or Fairmont compare their bagels to what is commonly referred to elsewhere as "Montreal bagels"?

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        The bagels are definitely not the same, lacks chewiness, but probably as close as you are going to get. The St. Viateur flavor is also missing.

        1. re: eatmore

          Definitely usually lacks the chewiness, which is the whole reason for the Montreal bagel in my opinion. I wonder how often they actually bake - as once bagels are a day old, i find the texture starts changing. I had a great bagel there once...maybe it was freshly baked?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I am a big fan of Wayne's Bagels as well. I usually bring home a few dozen each trip to Calgary.

          Growing up in Montreal our family was divided into "two camps", those who preferred St. Viateur i.e. white or black and the others who wanted the variety offered by Fairmount.

          Even though I fit into the first "camp" I have even enjoyed some of the fruit and spiced bagels Wayne's makes as part of my breakfast.

          I will have to give them a call when I get into Calgary to find out if their Kensington location is still open


          Yen I agree with your comment about texture - they were always the best fresh out of the oven from the line up Saturday nite or Sunday morning - they served as a good peace offering to the rest of the family I likely woke up after bar hopping on Bishop or Old Montreal.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            Wayne's Bagels is moving to its new location as of June 1 (Macleod Tr. around 45 Ave SW)

            1. re: a voce

              That sucks- what's that near? Absolutely nothing. Not even an LRT stop. Death of a pedestrian friendly business.