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Mar 5, 2007 01:35 PM

Buttermilk peach cake. Am I crazy?

I've got this notion all the sudden that I could make a mean skillet cake with buttermilk and peaches. Kinda like a yellow peach upside down cake. Am I delusional? Do the buttermilk+fruit combination sound familiar to anyone else?

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    1. I haven't tried it yet, but I just saw a Good Eats episode where Alton made individual upside down peach cakes in ramekins, using a buttermilk cake batter. It looked great. You should be able to find the recipe at

      1. Yes I make this! I've been using canned peaches and it is great, can't wait to try it when the real deal comes into season. The peaches are laid on caramel and I love caramel. The cake is tender and uses buttermilk. The recipe is from NY magazine from Karen Demasco of Craft. I try to make everything of hers they have:

        1. Sounds delish! I would even add slivered almonds.

          1. I have a recipe for a Cooking Light upside down peach cake that seems similar... It is delicious and I think the reduced- or non-fat buttermilk adds tanginess, creaminess, and moistness without adding a lot of fat.
            Here is the CL recipe:

            I've made it with fresh peaches (makes my mouth water just thinking about it!) as well as with frozen peaches from the summer season. Equally delicious.