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Mar 5, 2007 01:23 PM

"Dean & Deluca" of South Bay?

Hey Folks,

I'm moving to (north) Redondo Beach and am hoping there might be a gourmet foodstuffs/deli store somewhere down in or around or new digs. You know, the kinda place you can stop in quick for some yummy to-go items when you're just too darn lazy to cook.

Besides Whole Foods, does anything like this exist in the South Bay?

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Not quite D&D, Bristol Farms is pricey but decent. They have 3 South Bay locations, i.e., Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Rolling Hills. Some of their to-go items are pretty good, i.e., Chasen's chili, salads, meats, cheeses, etc.

    1. Yeah, the Bristol Farms' deli is great...I just wish the rest of everything wasn't so darn pricey. Whole Foods beats them out on price everytime. real specialty gourmet food shop in SB. So weird - they're everywhere in Chicago (my home town).

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        from what i'm told, every single meat item in the deli case is shot through with chemicals/preservatives.
        dunno if you care. . . .

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          In terms of specialties, for Italian deli and bakery items, check out Giulianos in Redondo or Gardena or A-1 Import Market in San Pedro. For Spanish stuff, there is La EspaƱola in Harbor City

        2. You do have a Penzey's Spice store in Torrance

          1. Lots of great Japanese markets that have great tasty treats. Not exactly typical gourmet, but very tasty and can be better on the pocket book depending on what you want.

            1. I saw a new take out place on Hawthorne Blvd. just South of Carson, right next to the Gable House Bowling Alley. It had a strange name and a big black and neon green sign advertising, organic, quick food to go.
              Has anyone else seen it? Tried it?
              I'll second the recommendation for Giuliano's on Aviation at Artesia. Great Italian take out.
              Culinary Vixen

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                That place you spotted is Famima!! -- -- quite a few fans on this board, but you can do better elsewhere, IMO.

                Like here:

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                  Re. Famima!!, it's my local convenience store in Pasadena, so I go about once a week. I think it's a nice place. The prepared food is mediocre, not great, but it is a nice shop to pick up a snack, a drink, or something you need, without having to go to a larger store. The prices are higher though, so this might make one consider whether the convenience is worth it or not. :)