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"Dean & Deluca" of South Bay?

Hey Folks,

I'm moving to (north) Redondo Beach and am hoping there might be a gourmet foodstuffs/deli store somewhere down in or around or new digs. You know, the kinda place you can stop in quick for some yummy to-go items when you're just too darn lazy to cook.

Besides Whole Foods, does anything like this exist in the South Bay?

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Not quite D&D, Bristol Farms is pricey but decent. They have 3 South Bay locations, i.e., Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Rolling Hills. Some of their to-go items are pretty good, i.e., Chasen's chili, salads, meats, cheeses, etc.

    1. Yeah, the Bristol Farms' deli is great...I just wish the rest of everything wasn't so darn pricey. Whole Foods beats them out on price everytime. So....no real specialty gourmet food shop in SB. So weird - they're everywhere in Chicago (my home town).

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        from what i'm told, every single meat item in the deli case is shot through with chemicals/preservatives.
        dunno if you care. . . .

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          In terms of specialties, for Italian deli and bakery items, check out Giulianos in Redondo or Gardena or A-1 Import Market in San Pedro. For Spanish stuff, there is La EspaƱola in Harbor City

        2. You do have a Penzey's Spice store in Torrance

          1. Lots of great Japanese markets that have great tasty treats. Not exactly typical gourmet, but very tasty and can be better on the pocket book depending on what you want.

            1. I saw a new take out place on Hawthorne Blvd. just South of Carson, right next to the Gable House Bowling Alley. It had a strange name and a big black and neon green sign advertising, organic, quick food to go.
              Has anyone else seen it? Tried it?
              I'll second the recommendation for Giuliano's on Aviation at Artesia. Great Italian take out.
              Culinary Vixen

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                That place you spotted is Famima!! -- http://www.famima-usa.com -- quite a few fans on this board, but you can do better elsewhere, IMO.

                Like here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/376056

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                  Re. Famima!!, it's my local convenience store in Pasadena, so I go about once a week. I think it's a nice place. The prepared food is mediocre, not great, but it is a nice shop to pick up a snack, a drink, or something you need, without having to go to a larger store. The prices are higher though, so this might make one consider whether the convenience is worth it or not. :)

              2. The place on Hawthorne is like a Japanese 7-11....food is ok
                Bristol farms is over-priced and the food is just ok...
                Giulianos is nice..
                Muraki is on Artesia in Torrance....it is a great Japanese market..great prices very authenic

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                  We love Marukai. Note, you need a membership to shop in the grocery area. But not to eat in the food court to the right as you enter the building. Very busy on the weekends, but loads of fun shopping for everything Japanese. Love it.

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                    You don't need a membership to shop at Marukai -- after you're done shopping, you can pay $1 at the register and that covers the fee. You can do that every single trip, if you like.

                    But if you do become a member, you get their monthly flyer in the post, as seen here: http://marukai.com/monthlyad-e.html

                    Also, the other Marukai locations require NO membership AT ALL. http://marukai.com/location-e.html

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                      Really? I did not know that. I just paid up the first time for my handy dandy membership card and I've been paying once a year ever since.

                      Love it, worth every penny.

                      Did you know that Marukai has a 99cent store of it's own on Hawthorne Blvd? I haven't been yet, soon!

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                        It's not much to rave about sadly. Very much like a downscale 99 cent store, with a few japanese ceramics thrown in... I much perfer the 99 cent only store...


                2. Besides corporate places like Bristol Farms and Whole foords, South Bay is a culinary wasteland...no little neighborhood stores with any local character or flavor to speak of. No great Itialian deli's, or Jewish Deli's..no specialty stores that have that special ingredient that you need...no great butcher shops.

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                      Sorry, but in San Pedro we have a some great Italian delis and bakeries. I am not sure how long you have lived in the area and explored to have made your statement.

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                        well, unless you venture less than 5 miles away and hit up Gardena for Japanese goods. Also some good mexican mercados around that area...and in the harbor city area....and around Hawthorne....that's all technically South Bay-ish I believe.

                        Sure, Palos Verdes and Hermosa Beach...you're not gonna find a lot of small ethnic markets.

                        And there's always Penzy's spices, the italian delis in el segundo and the one in Torrance, etc.

                        Torrance also has a string of really good for the area- chinese restaruants on PCH.

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                          Corkscrew Cafe is a new comer in Manhattan Beach, on the NW corner of Highland Ave and Marine Street. (used to be Mac's Liquor)

                          Another great place is North End Caffe in Manhattan Beach on the SW corner of Highland Ave at 35th Street. They serve excellent sandwiches made with Boar's Head meats.

                          As for a local butcher, Manhattan Meats on Manhattan Ave is fantastic. Located just south of Manhattan Beach Blvd has a great meat counter.

                          Lido Bakery on Sepulveda across from the Manhattan Village makes unbelievable cakes with decorations that are truly spectacular.

                          Becker's Bakery is near Manhattan Meats has a great sandwich counter.

                          Jerry's Deli would be the closest to a Jewish Deli but that is in Marina Del Rey.

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                            Wasteland? Surely you jest. The matzoh ball soup and corned beef on rye at Billy's on 190th & Anza are perfectly respectable. And I don't even live in the So Bay so I have no ax to grind.

                            OTOH Deliboys in MB sucks totally.

                          2. I work near San Pedro but don't know much about the delis or bakeries. Want to share your favorites with us?

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                              A-1 Italian Market for Italian goods and deli, Busy Bee market for deli sandwiches, Ramona Bakery, Baltic Bakery, and Joseph's for baked goods. Giulianos in Gardena also is a good Italian bakery/deli

                              1. Sorry..don't mean to be critical, but I have lived here for almost 30 years, and yes, each community has their cute little deli's and such....but the original premise was the Dean and Deluca of the South Bay.....after Bristol Farms and Whole Foods...that is the end of the story...IMHO...no offense meant to the area...I live here too

                                1. Corkscrew Cafe just opened in Manhattan Beach on the corner of highland and Marine. Very nice location for grabbing a glass of wine and watching the sunset. I understand they do a lot of convienence take out too. I've only had the cheese platter which was good but nothing outstanding. If anyone has had the food I would love to hear about it. The owners are from Philadelphia and apparently make some pretty great cheesesteaks with rolls they have shipped in that are par-baked.

                                  1. I have lived in (north) Redondo Beach for the last 5 years, having moved from NYC. Sadly, nothing compares to Dean and Deluca. Whole Foods, Bristol Farms try, but don't come close.

                                    1. Is there anything like Dean & Deluca anywhere in California? I don't think we have the culinary density to support that kind of high end emporium.

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                                        yeah, plenty in california, including a Dean and Deluca in Napa. not quite the same in southern california.