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Mar 5, 2007 01:15 PM

Thin crust pizza in SGV?

Where can I find good thin crust pizza in the San Gabriel Valley? I've been to Casa Bianca and Domenico's and would appreciate other recs. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Carmine's, but you have to specify thin crust. Also get it cooked well done.

    1. Tony's Pizza
      2555 Huntington Dr.
      San Marino
      (626) 793-4114

      1. Still looking for good thin crust pizza places in the SGV - anymore suggestions?

        1. petrillo's on valley in san gabriel will do it on request (off menu)

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            Good rec. Pizzeria Regina in Boston turn me onto thin crust. When I came back to L.A. I went on a quest to find LA's best thin crust. I read the post on Chowhound and I did some serious growing during that venture. I do like the Pizza Bakery in Newport Beach but it was not until I sat inside Petrillo's and asked the server whether the cook could make a thin crust (not on the menu) that I found a Boston smile on my face. A special order medium pizza “Thin crust, pie cut” with sausage and pepperoni at Petrillo's Pizza in San Gabriel is the real deal. Save some for a cold breakfast the next morning. Best pizza in the USA. There is no better pizza!

            Petrillo's Pizza
            833 E Valley Blvd
            San Gabriel, CA 91776
            (626) 280-7332

            1. re: Like go grinz

              You have been pimping Petrillos so hard I haveta try it! I'm really looking forward to it... and seeing how it stacks up against Vito's .

              1. re: wizardx

                I agree with Like go grinz (fka "like go eat", I assume) - Petrillos is definitely worth trying. We also have similar tastes in tortilla chips!

          2. I recently went to Il Forno, it just opened last Thursday in Azusa. The proprietor is an old time Pasadena Restaurateur. I have to say it was a very good thin crust pizza. I ordered the spinach ricotta pizza. I have gotten so sick of eating pizza because I really hate the thick crusts everyone makes, so this was a pleasant surprise.