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Mar 5, 2007 01:12 PM

Upstater seeking advice for restaurant near Carnegie Hall.

Hi! My girlfriend and I are coming into the City next Wednesday to go to Carnegie Hall. Any recommendations for a close-by moderately priced restaurant? American, Italian, whatever!
Thanks so much from a Rockland County Chowhound!

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  1. I think that Petrossian would be very nice. It's very close and is beautiful.

    1. Petrossian is very nice, but with an average of $30 for just an entree it's not really moderately priced. The prix fixe might be an option here.

      La Bonne Soupe is a lovely French bistro on 55th between 5th and 6th, it's not at all trendy or scene-y, it's been there forever, but the food is very good and quite reasonable.

      1. I like Rue 57 on 57th and 6th. Its an upscale French bistro. Its somewhat trendy, but not really scene. It can get kind of noisy because its a big restaurant, but i have always enjoyed the food and the service. Also, I love the Brooklyn Diner on 57th between Broadway and 7th. Its an upscale diner and the food is great. They have the best cheeseburger: totally worth the calories. Its definitely not a scene, but isnt a huge place so it can get kind of busy and chaotic at times.

        1. Amalia (pronounced "am-uh-lee'-uh") is on 55th St., b/t B'way & 7th Av., very close to Carnegie Hall. This is a brand new restaurant, which we just tried for the first time. The cuisine is Mediterranean, and the food is absolutely sensational! Service is friendly and capable. Big space with hip, contemporary decor. Very comfortable seating. No functioning website yet (it's in the works), but you can view the menu on menupages.

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            RGR, which dishes did you have at Amalia? I went last night and had an appetiser of dates stuffed with duck confit wrapped in serrano on a bed of frisee followed by king salmon on a bed of cous cous with a lime-yoghurt dressing and trio of speciality salts on the side. The dates I liked a fair amount but the salmon dish, whilst all the ingredients were fresh and well cooked, was overall a little lacklustre. I liked the sound of a few items on the menu and welcome the various Mediterranean influences that permeate the menu but I certainly didn't come away thinking that the food was sensational so am interested to hear more about what you ate and what impressed you.

            Btw the trivia here is that Amalia is a sister to Aspen, a place which I haven't tried before but has been commented upon a few times on this board.

            1. re: oonth

              oonth, I intend to post a review on a separate thread. I hope to have it up soon. I had that salmon dish. For now, suffice it to say that my opinion about it differs substantially from yours.

              A question. When you were there, how busy was it?

              1. re: RGR

                Look forward to reading the review, differences of opinion are the stuff that food forums are made of!! As a point of reference, I thought that the mi-cuit salmon at 11 Madison (which I know you're a fan of) was truly sensational along with the rest of the 4 course dinner menu I sampled for my birthday a couple of weeks back (so much so that I'm returning this coming Saturday lunchtime for the menu gourmand).

                I was at Amalia last night at 9.15ish sat by the staircase near the bar, it was only averagely busy presumably because it was a Monday evening and a bitterly cold one at that.

                I wish them well - they have very affable staff and we met an excellent waitress at Odeon in TriBeCa last week who is starting work there in a couple of weeks so they seem to be recruiting well.

                1. re: oonth

                  I've had salmon at Eleven Madison. It was at lunch, I think last May, and I recall it having a horseradish crust though I don't remember any kohlrabi. Regardless, it was seriously delicious. But, then, I am a huge fan of Chef Humm and have not found even a smidgeon of fault with any of the many dishes I've had since he took over. So, when it comes to EMP, you and I definitely agree!

                  Yes, the staff at Amelia is terrific! One of the managers told us they are not expecting huge crowds right now though they would certainly welcome them and, from what we saw, they've got plenty of personnel to handle it. He said they will probably go forward with a publicity push in a couple of weeks.

                  Btw, that Turkish-tiled staircase is gorgeous!

          2. I love Petrossian but would not describe it as moderate either. I am not too high on Rue 57. Not terrible by any means, but for these prices, go to Asiate. Better food, prettier space, and a much better view. The Asiate bar would be a great place for a casual (cheaper) meal as well. Angelo's is pretty good pizza / Italian. On the cheap, Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien is on the top of many NYC best burger list. Yakittori Totto is a fun spot - very reasonable.