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Mar 5, 2007 01:10 PM

Good German Food???

I would love reccomendations for good german food on the peninsula or in the city.

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  1. In SF:


    My favorite is Suppenkuche's sister restaurant Speisekammer, but it's in Alameda.

    There's a place called Hardy's Bavaria in Sunnyavale.

    There are reports on all of these here, use the search.

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      1. i am going to suppenkuche tonight with a group of eight. i've always found their food to be good, if not remarkable. i lived in bavaria when i was quite young. that hardly makes me an expert at all, but when i get nostalgic, it does nicely. i like their spaetzle, the nuremburg bratwurst, the sauerbraten, and their sauerkraut (loaded with caraway seeds and juniper). they also have specials which tend to be seasonal, and sometimes better than the regular menu offerings (ie a great braised goose dish around christmas/winter). plus, they do a nice sunday brunch. i don't know if they still serve this, but the last time i had brunch there i was able to eat a rather traditional meal of boiled weisswurst, a genuine bavarian pretzel, with sweet mustard and a hefeweizen. i appreciate their beer selection, and they often have beer specials. if it would be helpful, i'll post about tonight's dinner later on.

        1. try dettmers german deli on san antonio and calif in my view.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              It's kind of a German bodega. You can get the odd piece of sausage or unusual beer, but it's not really a restaurant per se. Anyone care to correct me? I've been in a few times and never saw anything more intense than coffee being prepared.

              1. re: orezscu

                The cafe menu includes hot dishes, but I guess it's open only from 9am to 2pm on Friday and Saturday?