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Mar 5, 2007 01:07 PM

Oyster Point Hotel/Red Bank NJ

Hi all........ I'm planning a stay at the Oyster Point Hotel this weekend (a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday). I thought it would be really romantic to have room service dinner instead of going out for the evening. Has anyone eaten at the Restaurant in the Oyster Point Hotel??? The dining room menu looked upscale but have found no feedback anywhere (ie. Zagats) on the quality of the food. Would appreciate any comments or recommendations. If you recommend a restaurant in Red Bank, I would prefer it to be in walking distance so we can indulge (ie. drink as much as we want lol). Thank you everyone.

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  1. I haven't eaten at Oyster Point's restaurant. I did attend a funtion at the restaurant in the Molly Pitcher, which is next door. Very attractive space. I thought the food was o.k., but nothing to rave about. People talk highly of their weekend brunch.

    If you decide to walk into town, Dish is on White Street, just off Broad. Very good food though I think the seating is too cramped, and the noise level can get too high when the room is full. It's a BYO. They have a wine list from the shop in town and can have your selection delivered to your table. Or, you can stop at the shop and pick something up directly.

    Thyme Square is a fairly new restaurant. I haven't been yet but have heard good things about it. I think it may also be a BYO, but you should check.

    Best wishes to your b.f. on his birthday. Enjoy your romantic weekend and Bon Appetit!

    1. I agree with RGR on Dish and Thyme (I haven't dined there also but have heard from friends that love the place). Dish is a favorite of mine. Great food and BYO to boot. Any thought of driving the short distance to Nicholas? You could either do a formal sit down dinner or go causal for small plates at the bar. Truly the best restaurant in NJ and so close to where your staying. Good Luck.

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        I agree with you about Nicholas, bgut1. It would certainly be my first choice. She says they don't want to drink and drive, which I think is an excellent attitude. Even though it's quite close to the Oyster Point, it's not walking distance.

      2. Absolutely for a special occassion like a birthday I would definetly go with Nicholas. It's about a 3 minute car ride (maybe not even!) over the bridge. Not walking distance but defiently worth the trip! A special treat!

        1. Thanks for your responses. We think alike..... I thought about Nicholas & Dish (both received favorable ratings in Zagats). I don't believe Dish takes weekend reservations which translates late to "waiting an hour for a table for two on a Saturday night" and Nicholas wasn't in walking distance. I want the evening to go smoothly and stress free although I have every intention of visiting both establishments in the near future. The Thyme Restaurant menu is phenomenal and I'm going to check into it. In regards to the Atrium Restaurant (in the Oyster Hotel), I was told it was separate from Molly Pitcher Inn which is why I thought room service would be nice. (FYI.... planning on doing the brunch thing at Molly's on Sunday ...... I won't be counting calories this weekend lol). Thanks again for all your feedback.

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            You're correct about Dish not taking reservations on the weekend. I should have thought of that. Not only is it very likely you'll have a long wait for a table, there is absolutely no place to wait. Just a teensy space between the door and the reception desk.


            Siam Garden in Red Bank is within walking distance (wear a warm coat!) if you enjoy Thai food. I've never had the same meal twice and always excellent.