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Mar 5, 2007 01:01 PM

Madrid, Lisbon, Seville

Hi Chowhounds,

Later this month my wife and I are heading off to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Although we do like "high end" food, what we're looking for in this case are good low/moderate places reflective of the local cuisine/ambience.

In Madrid we're looking for three places that serve a good variety of tapas. I don't think we want to eat standing around a bar, but rather at a table and with a menu of available tapas. Suggestions?

In Lisbon we want to go downtown (Barrio Alto?) for a fado restaurant where we can eat fairly good local food and listen to some fado singing as well, but not too late into the evening. (We'd prefer to start eating/listening no later than 9 pm or so.) For our other night we'd like if possible, to stay close to our hotel which is a couple of miles north of downtown near the Roma metro station. There is supposed to be a theater/restaurant district right nearby. Any suggestions for restaurants near there?

What are the best place in Seville for sampling local Andalusian cuisine? If there are tapas served that would be a plus.

Much Thanks!


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  1. Hi - I live and study in Madrid. I cannot recommend any place higher than Casa Patas. It's in a good location (Anton Martin) and the food is very good. It is also one of the best places to find flamenco in all of Madrid. The quality is worth the price. Also, whenever in doubt, wander around the side streets of Sol (particularly on the side closer to Plaza Mayor - but stay away from Plaza Mayor, totally overpriced food). You'll find a lot of great tapas places around there. Some recommendations for tapas in Sol (which although is very touristy, has a good deal of places with great tapas) are Venta "El Buscon" on calle La Victoria, Tia Cebolla (which is nearby) and Malaspina (which is on a side street directly across from the bars Dubliners and O'Connolls on la calle Barcelona). There is also a very good joint for pizza and pasta (quieter, a little fancier) called Restaurante Tijcal on the intersection of calles Cruz and Barcelona - Tia Cebolla is kitty corner from it). Enjoy your trip!