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Mar 5, 2007 12:38 PM

Where can I find gourmet popping corn and popcorn salt?

I've gotten totally sick of microwave popcorn, so I bought a whirley-pop to make it on my , which has been great. But the popcorn I can buy at the supermaket is just so-so, and I'm trying to find a local source (the shipping from the online places make them cost-prohibitive.)

Does anywhere around here sell any varieties of "gourmet" popping corn? Also, I'm trying to buy popcorn salt, which is finer than table salt and sticks to the popcorn better (I'm told). Not flavored or anything, just salt.

Any suggestions appreciated.

[NOTE: although this thread was originally started on the Boston board, we've moved it to this board because the majority of the suggestions and advice here are non-regional-- The Chowhound Team]

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  1. Well, Orville Redenbacher says gourmet on the label, right? Then again, I just bought some fat -free cream. Not much help here. Exept to say, The Dugout on Comm Ave. installed a popper about a year or two ago, and quite often after a Sox game, on the way home, I have to stop in for some hot buttered and lightly salted popcorn and a beer. It is absolutely delectable in this divey, homey bar which is family owned and operated.

    For the salt, you might want to try just grinding some regular salt in a food processor or coffee/spice grinder. Just a thought, if nothing else surfaces.

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      You can try, they have several different kinds.

    2. We love our Whirley Pop, and while we haven't used anything other than store-bought corn, I have come to really enjoy the store brand sea salt sold at Whole Foods in the tall blue cylindrical containers. I add it along with the oil and corn to the popper so that it coats all of my hot fresh popcorn as thoroughly as possible.

      Once in a while, we like the phony white cheddar cheese powder, too. They sometimes have it at Target, but we ordered ours online somewhere.


      1. I haven't tried it, but I did notice that Wild Oats sells organic popping corn in a bulk bin. (Full disclosure: I have nothing against the Orville Redenbacher stuff from Shaws; to my uneducated popcorn palette, it air pops fine.)

        1. I think a gourmet popcorn shop opened up in Quincy Market-not sure of the name. I don't know if they sell popping corn as well but I think they're pretty serious about their popcorn. They might have some good ideas.

          1. Williams Sonoma sells Black Jewell popcorn in nice, pricey jars.

            For salt, use Diamond Crystal salt. It's finely ground (unlike Morton's, which is coarser and has an anti-caking agent that also makes it less likely to stick to popcorn). (Btw, Diamond Crystal kosher salt is the US gold standard for kosher salt too - it's coarser than Morton's).

            For reasonable powdered cheddar, order Cabot's Cheddar Shake online from Cabot.