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Mar 5, 2007 12:36 PM

Cha for Tea, Long Beach?

Does anyone have feedback on the food at this mini-chain? The one I noticed was at Bellflower and PCH. Looks like there's also one in Irvine, and that the rest of the stores are all in Taiwan.

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  1. The Tea is good. and they have boba if you like. But, the food is just ok. but it is open late night and I'm a student on the South side of campus, so - it's walking distance which adds points in my book. otherwise, the places on anaheim are much better selections.

    1. it's owned by ten ren tea company and they have many other ten ren tea houses here in Californai. Love the tea, food is ok, but since there are no other chinese tea houses in the local area, it's a good place to go without having to drive very far.

      1. I go to one in Irvine a lot, and I really like it. The teas are good and there are a lot of choices. The only food I eat there (because I really like them) are the steamed chicken dumplings. They are mild, but very nice. I always think I am going to try something else, but then I fall back on the old standard. It has a very nice atmosphere too, very student friendly. Stays open late, too.

        1. i ate there when Irvine first opened, and wasn't too impressed. i see now they've expanded the menu, and am open to give them another chance. not that i'm looking for gourmet as much as reasonble, satiating, and not crowded. thanks for bringing up the topic.