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Mar 5, 2007 12:33 PM

Between 1st and 3rd, 40th to 60th Sts, Food recs.

I am visiting New York for the first time in four years , now living in London and am staying on the Eastside at 52nd and 1st. Previously, did not have a lot of excellent choices in the neighborhood unless very expensive. Was wondering if there are any absolute best recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks of the best places between 1st and 3rd Avenues and 40-60th Streets. Thank you for the help.

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  1. Slightly off your area, but Fig and Olive on Lexington and 62nd is a wonderful option for both lunch and dinner. You can check their webpage:

    1. Rosa Mexicano at 58th and 1st
      Chin Chin - chinese 49th and 2nd/3rd
      L'Impero - italian 42nd and Tudor City
      Amma - indian 51st and 2nd/3rd
      Dawat - indian 58th and 2nd/3rd
      Jubilee - bistro 54th and 1st/2nd
      Ess a Bagel for bagels 3rd and 50th/51st

      1. SipSak on 2nd Ave btw 49th and 50th is great Turkish, and really reasonable. I also love Pampano on 49th btw 3rd and 2nd, and the Pampano Taqueria downstairs at the Crystal Pavilion...fantastic Mexican.

        1. Mee Noodle - 2nd Ave and 49th - cheap noodle house
          Tal Bagel - 1st Ave and 54th - best bagels in NYC
          Buttercup - 2nd Ave and 51st - cupcakes that are better than magnolia and the cupcake cafe
          Krunch - 2nd Ave and 51st - square pizza
          P.J. Clark's - 3rd Ave and 54th - burgers
          Zarela - 2nd Ave and 50th - higher end Mexican - great pomegranate margaritas

          1. Grand Szechuan on 2nd between 55/56 (west side of the street) if you're in a spicy Chinese mood.

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              I second Amma for indian food.
              Also, right on the same block is a nice un-fussy french bistro called Montparnesse.
              Also, Sidecar located above PJ Clarkes is delish.

              And its not fancy by any stretch, but Ashton's Pub on 50th and 3rd has the best chicken fingers and fries in the city.