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Mar 5, 2007 12:31 PM

Asian Food for Colleague Visiting from Singapore

I'm entertaining a work colleague who's visiting for the first time from Singapore. I asked her what type of cuisine she'd like to eat and she said Asian or Indian. (This was surprising since I assume the Asian food in Singapore is generally superior to what you can find here - but she was tiring of "American" food).

Any recommendations for a business appropriate place for dinner this Friday - anywhere in Manhattan? I was thinking of Tabla or Devi? Any thoughts? I'm thinking not places like Buddakan which may be more style over substance.


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  1. Tamarind is another fancy Indian place in Gramercy; Chola probably has the best food on 58th St. among all those Indian places up there. It's also nicer than your average Indian food eatery.

    Tabla is pretty much American food with Indian elements. It's good, though. But don't go to the Bread Bar downstairs b/c it's no good. You want the real food unstairs.

    1. While there's a lot of fantastic Singaporean/Malaysian food and some very good Cantonese, Fujianese and Teochew food, we do not have quite as many restaurants specializing in other Asian ethnicities, such as Korean, Vietnamese and Sichuan. Korean (somewhere like Bann or Woo Lae Oak is slightly more upscale and more appropriate for business than ktown) and/or a spicy banquet at Grand Sichuan or Wu Liang Ye would work, or some pho and bahn mi for very very casual cheat eats would work.

      1. Devi is an excellent choice.