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Mar 5, 2007 12:27 PM

LA Hound in Times Square

Suggestions of any and all types of cuisines would be appreciated for dining near the Doubletree in Times Square. Ruby Foo's was recommended by one friend, and Virgil's for BBQ by another - how are they? Also curious about Roxy's Deli in Time's Square, or any good deli nearby for that matter.

Went to Pig n Whistle, which I used to frequent 30 years ago, and they've dropped down considerably - not terrible, but very mediocre on all accounts.

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  1. Hmmm...both Ruby Foo's and Virgil's are right in the heart of the most touristy sections of Times Square, neither are truly bad, but neither are truly good either. If you get just a couple of blocks west off the beaten path and explore 9th Ave around there, you'll find some much better food. And now I'm going to contradict myself (haha), if you like the Pig n Whistle, and that Irish pub atmosphere with good pub grub, you may enjoy O'Lunney's on 45th between Broadway and 6th Ave. I also highly recommend stopping for a real New York pie at John's Pizzeria on 44th between Broadway and 8th Ave.

    Other good spots on 9th Ave:
    Delta Grill - Cajun food
    Island Burgers - self explanatory
    Uncle Nick's - Greek food
    Basilica - Italian

      1. don't go to any of the places you mentioned; virgil's is the only one that gets any positive feedback at all in mainstream food guides, and even there opinions are decidedly mixed. i think most people on this board, including myself, don't like the food there at all.

        times square has notoriously bad and overpriced food. you should hop on the subway and eat in a different neighborhood. if you absolutely have to stay near your hotel i'd recommend norma's in the parker meridien hotel on w. 57th st for breakfast and brunch and the burger joint in the same hotel for good burgers and shakes. petrossian's more casual cafe area on 7th ave near 57th. lots of places on 9th ave, though most are not much better than average. and there are a bunch of weekday food carts on 5th and 6th aves that cater to the lunch crowd; of these, i like kwik meal, trini-pak boys, and hallo berlin.

        but again, you're better off going to another area to eat.

        1. Funny, I have a friend coming in from L.A. today, also staying in Times Square, and was going to ask for recs too.
          Any recommendations in other neighborhoods? Thanks a bunch.

          1. Just got back from a weekend in the city and stayed at Times Square. Here's my post from last month in preparation for our trip. Might be helpful to you.....


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