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Mar 5, 2007 12:20 PM

Help London-30-somethings Plan Classy Bachelorette: Very Specific Requests for CH Help!


I'm going to hope my sharing of the Chowhound Love on the London board will pay off in these few requests for a good friend's "Hen Night" in NY in May. She's not the type to do those whipped cream shots or wear the veil or that terrible t-shirt--she's more a Kir Royale/Hotel bar kind of gal. She does drink and dance though...don't get me wrong. But just leave out all the cheesy stuff.

Request #1. Dinner (relatively) close to our hotel in Times Square on a Friday night around 8 p.m. for 15+ who we can't guarantee will all arrive at the same time due to flights in from many international locations. Budget: $35 a person with drinks, tops. I'm thinking tapas or sushi will work well here. Ideally, someplace where we can eat and then hang out and drink so people can drop in and out all night. That is, would prefer an all-in-one-place...,no change of venue. A private room would be nice, but not 100% necessary.

Request #2: Saturday dinner anywhere easily accessible by subway or taxi for 10+ gals. Mexican would be great. (London doesn't do Mexican all that well.) Budget: $50 a person with drinks. Dancing somewhere nearby with a crowd around our age, champagne, and no other bachelorette parties in attendance is an extra bonus.

Brunch on Sunday. Budget $25 a person with drinks. (Champagne, of course.) This will probably be a late brunch, given the previous night's festivities. So someplace that will take a 2 p.m. booking where we probably stay until 5. This should be a good hangover place, just speaking frankly.

All in all, I'm thinking we're looking for smaller, more local places than big huge venues. Your help and guidance would be most appreciated,


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  1. I'm going to answer for Requests 2 & 3 for the moment, and maybe I'll be inspired to move on to 1 & 4 as I type.

    #2 Mexican food, near dancing. I am going to recommend Mi Cocina on Jane St and Hudson/8th Ave. It's a lovely little restaurant with home-y Mexican food. No gloppy cheese messes, and without some of the twists and turns of "haute" Mexican. I've always loved the Pechuga con Rajas a la Crema (chicken breast in a cream sauce with poblanos) served with crispy potatoes.

    #3 dancing near Mexican food. I would recommend going to MisShapes at Don Hill's on Spring St and Greenwich (it would be a quick cab hop from the restaurant). They may not have champagne (but they actually might), you'll hear great music, rub shoulders with NYC famous hipsters of all ages. This party is constantly being written up as one of New York's best parties, but it's still fairly underground.

    If you're hungry, tired or thirsty after dancing at Don Hill's with the MisShapes then head over to Cafe Noir on Thompson and Grand Streets. This is one of New York's best late night eating and drinking establishments, with a Moroccan tapas menu and fantastic wines available by the glass. Or alternately Ear Inn on Spring just up the street from the club, OLD fashioned French bistro with lots of calvados guzzling and mussel sucking.

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      Actually, I think that MisShapes is also very close to Mexicana Mama, also recommended below. I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard great things about it. It's about equidistant from La Palapa as well.

    2. #2 For Mexican, I'd recommend La Palapa (there is one on St.Marks Street in the East Village and one in the West Village on 6th Avenue near West 4th Street) - or Mexicana Mama (bad name but terrific food - it is a small restaurant though and cash only) or downstairs at La Esquina at Kenmare and Lafayette. All are very easily accessible by subway.

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        I love Mexicana Mama but no way can a 15-person group fit there, i'm not sure there are even 15 seats in the place

      2. Well, I'm going to jump in with a few suggestions to start you off...

        For Friday night, you are right Tapas would probably be fun, I would recommend Tintol, it's near your hotel, not too pricey.

        For Saturday, I think that I'd suggest Mercadito Grove, which is really good Mexican, or maybe Rosa Mexicano or Dos Caminos. The last two are a bit more of a scene.

        Dancing wise, NYC is hard. I like Tenjune and Cain personally. Cielo can also be really fun, as can Marquee.

        For Sunday brunch I would say do Country's champagne brunch. It may be a little over $25, but well worth it.

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        1. re: haleyjen

          As far as I know, Country is closed on Sunday. I think you mean the Cafe at Country? Though not as upscale as Country, it is not an inexpensive place. So, unless you stick to just a main course, the cost will be a good deal above $25, particularly when you factor in the champagne.

        2. Another place that has a great brunch is Public, in Soho. I love their sorbets and the drinks and cheese plate were wonderful also.

          1. The original comment has been removed