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Mar 5, 2007 12:17 PM

Brunch Suggestions in Connecticut?

I am looking for a great place to have brunch with my family (about 20 in all). Any suggestions???

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  1. Connecticut a pretty big place, what area, town or city are you looking to brunch in?

    1. I think Dakota in Avon has a brunch. Some of their other locations do and they are very good (around $17 if I remember)

      1. If you are near NH, 500 Blake may work.

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        1. re: madisoneats

          500 Blake Street is no more - it closed last year. Scoozzi is open for Sunday brunch, if you like Italian (and you're in New Haven).

          1. re: Roundelay

            Blake Street closed??? Must have missed that one. When? We used it for professional organization meetings and found it to be excellent. Very sorry to hear this. Jay

            1. re: JayCT

              Yes, it's true. It closed late in 2006, I think.

        2. I attended a family brunch for 25 at Adams Mill in Manchester. They have a private room available and I thought it was pretty good and hit all of the right brunch notes: Omlets to order, fresh waffles, carving station, mimosa's, etc. For comparison purposes, I found it to be superior to the Red Barn, a place I hit a couple months ago.

          1. Splash at Longshore in Westport has a nice brunch.