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Mar 5, 2007 12:15 PM

What is the best McDonald's in Los Angeles?

This isn't a joke. Not all McDonald's are created equal.
The one on SM Blvd and Beverly Glenn is consistently horrible, while the one in Downey is really cool.
Any suggestions....including cool interiors.

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    1. re: RoachCoach

      I'm guessing you mean the one in DCA, and not the new (?) Harbour Galley or Conestoga Fries in the original Dland. Then again, anything selling fries and Cokes only is fine by me.....

      I thought Burger Invasion was nice. But it's hard to compare with Corn Dog Castle down the way....sorry!

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      1. I believe that the historic original McDonalds on Lakewood/Florence in Downey still makes their shakes using the old-style syrup & mixer machines. I can't recall exactly what, but I do seem to recall that they have kept some other early-style McDonalds traditions not found at other locations---can anyone tell what they are?

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