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Mar 5, 2007 12:13 PM

Brennens Steakhouse in Neptune City

Has anyone been to Brennen's Steakhouse in Neptune City? I have heard some good things however need some confirmation from the hounds. It is in a strange location, right on, and I mean on Route 35, just south of Pete and Eldas place. Thanks for the information!

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  1. Robert, We eat here alot.The steaks and seafood are excellent. Large portions and comes with delicious salad. You'll need reservations on fri or sat night. enjoy! TR from Rumson

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    1. re: timrob137

      Robert - I used to dine at Brennens pretty regularly until I noticed a decline in the prepartion of the food. Specifically, on several occassions the steak was delivered "burnt" even though ordered medium rare. Once is harmless error - a second or third occassion is unacceptable. What sealed it for me was the fact on the final visit, they tried to hide the fact that the steak was burnt by placing the steak burnt side down on the plate. Unacceptable at anyplace especailly one charging the prices they do. If I had to choose a steak house in the area I would go with Manhattan Steakhouse on Rt 35 in Ocean. Good luck.

    2. Bgut1, i'm surprised to hear you had those experiences at Brennan's. Obviously, i would cross them off my list too If i had been served the same. Luckily, never had an issue when
      we have dined there and still do recommend it as a great steakhouse in our area.

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      1. re: stack_c

        Stack c - That's why dining is so subjective and restaurants can not afford to give a bad meal. I understand bad nights however, having the same thing happen to me on subsequent occasions warrants the "check off the list." Too many restaurants out their that are vying for my money. :)