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Mar 5, 2007 12:12 PM

Passover - what I can make ahead or freeze?

This year the first Seder falls on a Monday night, the second on a Tuesday and I work full time. Any tips/recipes for items I can make ahead or freeze? I am planning to make my chicken soup and matzo balls on Sunday as well as brisket, but looking for baked goods, kugels, vegetables, etc. that can be made ahead or frozen. Planning a brisket for one night and a turkey for the second. Thanks!

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  1. Glad to see the brisket is on the list for the freezer. I mde a mistake several years ago the result of which made for the most tender brisket I ever made. It has been repeated every year and is now Standard Operating Procedure.

    I usually braise for 3.5-4 hours in total. My mistake one year was that i removed from the oven too soon and started to slice. This was not good. As I stared at the meat I decided to continu slicing place back in the juices and then back in the oven. So my SOP since then is to remove/slice/return one hour before the totla time.

    Then I place the slices and juices in freezer bags (now i use the Foodsaver) and into the freezer. Upon defrosting and reheating the meat is stick your tongue through it tender.

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      Thanks! I love my FoodSaver too. I make 4 doz matzo balls at a time, freeze them individually on cookie sheets and pop into FoodSaver bags to freeze. The great thing is you can access the ones you want and re-seal the bag and pop back in freezer. Anyone know if you can freeze Passover noodles? My mother taught me to make these using potato starch, eggs, and water, fry like blintzes or crepes and slice into noodles. We serve these with beef soup.

    2. I think an apple crisp would freeze ok- it's basically a cobbler. Also, cheesecake would probably do ok, but I've never done it. As for cookies, make the dough & freeze in balls, then just bake them during dinner. As for veggies, I would just steam some nothing fancy, as they're always best fresh.

      oh, and tzimmes could be made ahead. Also matzah toffee & mandle bread work well.

      1. Potato kugel freezes well, as does the standard passover sponge cake. And my new favorite, matzo crunch, is fine made a day or two ahead.

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          Cheesecake usually freezes fine--just thaw in the refrigerator. I'm always on the look-out for something new--what is 'matzo crunch'?

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            Here's the link for the matzo crunch recipe:
            It was discussed on this board last year.

        2. These Martha Stewart macaroons are unbelieveably easy and they freeze well. Just take them out of the freezer on the morning of the seder and they will be in great shape.

          They have become a staple in my house for our seders.

          1. Haroset will freeze well. Gefilte fish too. Any nut torte will freeze.