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Mar 5, 2007 12:04 PM

Oak - Providence

Went to Oak Saturday night. Have not been there since they first opened up. Was not in the mood for a big dinner so tried their burger and fries for dinner. Burger was cooked medium rare, just like I ordered. The fries, however, were nasty. They took them out of the fryolator too early, so they were actually not finished in the middle. Believe it or not it took me a few fries before I realized what the problem was. Meanwhile, my wife's meal was pretty good (an asian noodle bowl with scallops. But if you can't even do fries right... ).

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  1. Oak is really bad. I've never heard a good thing about it. See the review I wrote a while ago --

    1. Yikes, sounds bad. And, like you, my server was not good. She almost seemed annoyed when I ordered the burger for dinner instead of a high priced entree, and when I told her (admittedly at the end of the meal) that the fries were not cooked in the middle she just gave me a perfunctory "I'll let the kitchen know".

      1. We go there once in a while for brunch----convenient and easy w/our kids, and the breakfast stuff is good.

        But that location is CURSED. The place before it---something Grille? Horrible. Before that, J. Elliott's? Great sandwiches and etc., but horrifically bad service. It's a perfect spot and good, small space inside, but no one can seem to get the concept of good service at that address.

        1. On a rare visit to RI back in '05 we tried brunch at Oak instead of the Modern Diner and it was not good at all. A meal wasted.

          Perhaps the beloved French Pastry Shop -- surely one of the most wonderful establishments I've ever known -- used up all the good juju at this location.

          1. I had a terrible meal at Oak in January. I wrote a review of it on my blog...and suggested that if you are looking for that type of food, go to Blaze East Side. It is my faovrite restaurant in Providence, and does what Oak tries to do very, very well.