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Best Poke in Chicago

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Anyone know a good place to get delicious Poke? It could be anywhere in the Chicago area.

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    1. re: marilyn9

      thank god my mind isn't the only one who went there!

      In regards to the question - maybe try Roy's Fusion.

    2. Poke is a Hawiian specialty (I think).

      1. The only place I've had poke in Chicago is at the otherwise unimpressive Hey Sushi in Lincoln Park (it was ok, but I don't really have anything to compare it to).

        I would imagine you'll find about as much poke in Chicago as you would Chicago-style hot dogs in Hawaii.

        1. Roy's has it. It's called the Poketini on the menu (served in a martini glass.) I'm not a Poke fan, but my wife thought it was fantastic.

          Roy's - Chicago
          (312) 787-7599
          720 N. State Street

          1. I have had Poke at Sola - it was a special. I have no idea if it was the usual way this is done, but it was good.

            Sola is at the corner of Lincoln and Byron, entrance on Byron.

            1. I never order it but I make it at home instead. There are at least two Japanese markets in the suburbs that sell sashimi quality fish.

              Mitsuya - Arlington Heights - just off of I-90

              Sea Ranch - Wilmette - off of I-94 (Lake Street) and i think they have another location in Evanston

              In the city... you might be able to find it at Dirk's Fish Market

              I make my version...

              Sesame Oil
              Cubed Sashimi Quality Maguro
              Soy Sauce
              Toasted Sesame Seeds
              Green Onions

              I think Hey Sushi is gross and if i had to eat there... only eat cooked sushi items there. I haven't had Roy's Poketini so I can't comment on it.

              1. Poke is a Hawaiian dish..ala fish tartar. Usually I use tuna just like the above post. Yes, my mind went there too specially when we went to Mama's Fish House in Maui. The menu read: Today's Special- Mama's Fresh Poke


                1. Mitsuwa sells chopped up tuna, suitable for poke, at a slight discount to the large pieces. I do make my own poke but I miss the seaweed and stuff that they put in the poke in Hawaii.

                  The one time I went to Todai (a few years ago) they had poke. It was just OK, not very Hawaiian. I also saw a "poke stack" on the menu at that Yard House-- a chain restaurant in Glenivew-- but it did not look like it would really be poke. I'll have to try Roy's version.

                  BTW, you can get decent Chicago dogs at Hank's Haute Dogs in Honolulu. The proprietors are from the Chicago area.