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Mar 5, 2007 11:42 AM

Loking for St. Patrick's Day menu ideas...Maybe a cocktail recipe or two too?

So, we are hosting a St. Paddy's day potluck for some friends, and I am trying to think of some great recipes for dinner that are a little different than usual. I have someone bringing Irish stew, and "boiled dinner" (we are in the maritimes) but am looking for some unique recipe ideas. And a cool cocktail or two wouldn't hurt.....

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  1. The Irish drink whiskey and beer, not usually cocktails. I love Tullamore Dew. It's a true Irish whiskey that is lesser-known than Jameson or Bushmill's and is very good on the rocks. If you can't take it straight, try it with a little ginger ale.

    1. Not sure this is quite what you are going for.. but this year I am determined to get around to making Irish Soda Bread. It would probably go well with your stew!


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        I just made two loaves of Irish Soda Bread this weekend, and am probably going to make another loaf this week. Here is the recipe I used. I really like it, though must admit it was remarkably better the day it was made than the day after (but most quick breads are so that isn't a suprise). Oh, and this recipe was ridiculously easy so I hope you get around to it this year...I had two loaves in the oven in under 15 minutes.

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            Irish soda breads are so very easy to prepare, and it's a nice accompaniment to a boiled dinner. It's esay to make it a rye soda bread also (common with CB and cabbage).

        1. I don't know why corned beef and cabbage come to mind...

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            That's what boiled dinner is. Complete with mustard pickles.

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              Yes, but only on this side of The Pond. In Ireland it's slab bacon & cabbage.

              (Numerous recipes available on Google)

              1. re: Harp00n

                If you want to do the slab bacon thing you will need to ask the butcher for pork belly, wonderful stuff and is beginning to become a hot food item.

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              Instead of traditional corned beef, this year I'm going to corn a beef tongue. The cure began two days ago - I'll file a report in two weeks...

              1. Please keep the "cocktails" traditional on this blessed holiday; A few pints of Guinness, a Tullamore Dew or two or perhaps a Snakebite (hard cider and Harp). Don't ruin your day by whipping up some foofy Sham-Tini with vodka and creme de menthe. I have seen a donnybrook break out for much less of a reason !

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                  Sham-tini?!? That sounds so Sandra Lee-ish.

                  Thanks for the LOL.

                  1. re: marthadumptruck

                    Yeah, I'm sure she will degradate every one of us Irish with some awful Leprechaun inspired tablescape, a Sham-Tini, and deli sliced corned beef. Yikes ! I'll take my Guinness to go ..........

                    1. re: TonyO

                      The only mixed drink this Mick needs on The Day is 12 yo Readbreast pure pot stilled whiskey "mixed" with a drop of liquid or frozen H2O.