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Mar 5, 2007 11:13 AM

Employess Only or Pegu Club for a birthday cocktail?

Thinking of taking my boyfriend to Employees Only or Pegu Club for a birthday cocktail and something to eat. Which do you prefer and any recommendations?

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  1. Employees Only gets so crowded it's not really an ideal place for a drink, especially for a couple. I haven't been to Pegu though so it is hard to compare the two. If you do go to EO, try the steak tartare, it is one of the best I've ever had.

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      agreed with all of the above comments with the exception that it IS a great place for a drink if you get there early and get a corner spot at the bar OR the weather is awesome outside and you get a prime picnic table in the back.

    2. I have been to both and Pegu is better. It's more spacious.

      1. Pegu Club. I agree with the other posters that EO can get very cramped and uncomfortable for a couple.

        1. Definitely Pegu Club. Better cocktails and food than EO, plus a more sophisticated atmosphere. Try their Earl Grey Martini and snack on truffled dumplings and smoked trout deviled eggs. Get there on the early side - now that the place is getting more popular, it tends to get busy and obnoxious late at night, especially on the weekends.

          Another good option is Centovini. Nice selection of Italian wine and good food, albeit a bit pricey. I love their wine glasses - extremely delicate and elegant. It makes the experience of drinking a glass of wine that much more enjoyable.

          1. I found Pegu to be overcrowded, loud enough to make conversation difficult, and overpriced. The drinks were nice, but not THAT nice.