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Mar 5, 2007 10:56 AM

sushi in bloor west/kingsway/high park/roncesvalles

Hello I'm looking to go to a nice sushi restaurant in the Bloor West area with a girlfriend tomorrow night, any recommendations? I haven't found anything as great as the places I used to find on college/queen west but I'm sure good places exist! Pls help!

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  1. I highly recommend ASA Sushi at Jane and Bloor (on Jane). They have fantastic fusion sushi. Service is sometimes slow but worth it! We use to swear by Sushi on Bloor but after finding ASA, we haven't be back to SOB.

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      Seconded! Try the Assorted Tempura.

    2. There's a new sushi place on the kingsway/Bloor between Royal Yok and Prince Edward, right next to the Swiss Chalet on the south side of Bloor (starts with letter M). Quite good, better than any others we've tried in the area. Fresh sushi, the stuff off the hot menu that we've ordered was quite good as well. The service was very good, they're really trying. I've not tried ASA on Jane, but definately will as well.

      1. Cant remember the name, but there's a fantastic SUSHI place on queensway just west of Royal York....its gotten rave reviews, but I cant remember the name.....wait I think its KAMA SUSHI

        1. I think you may be thinking of Kaji Sushi. It is tremendous, but also very expensive (can be more than $100 per person + drinks).

          1. You're right its Kaji Sushi....and I did hear it was expensive, but the best in Toronto.

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              Some say best in Canada (but I'll bet we'll hear some objections from Vancouver chow's)