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Mar 5, 2007 10:45 AM

Sat Night Birthday Dinner

Does anyone have any recommendations for a saturday night birthday dinner for about 15 people. Since it is a Saturday night I am looking for places that would be a good time and possibly have a good vibe.

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  1. Lupa, Lupa, Lupa but need reservation at least a month in advance.

      1. I would say any of the big japanese restaurants. Buddakan, Morimoto, Buddha Bar, Megu, etc.

        1. Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ place has a good vibe and is a fun place if you don't mind cooking your own food. They have tables or a private alcove for large groups.

          1. Thank you all so much for your ideas, keep them coming. I have had some people mention Son Cubano, any thoughts?