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Mar 5, 2007 10:44 AM

New Dallas eating

Who has been to Nine Steakhouse by the AAC? I haven't heard much yet and am curious. Does it compare to the Vegas store?

And what is up with Sushi Samba at the Galleria? Is it still on the horizon?

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  1. Hi HalleyP, see post below I did on N9NE. Haven't heard any update on Sushi Samba.

    1. Sushi Samba is currently under construction at the Galleria next to Grill on the Alley. Havent heard of an opening date. Not to far away will be BLT Steak on Alpha and Noel. I think that is scheduled for June.

      1. SushiSamba was schedule for fall 2006, back when Grill on the Alley opened, then winter 2006, and it's still just ... what? Looking forward to BLT Steak, too. Really enjoyed it in NY.

        1. SUSHISAMBA is hiring staff and telling everyone they'll quiety open at the end of April before a big grand opening in May.

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          1. re: DarcyDines

            Thanks for the update Darcy, I'll keep an eye out since I work in the towers adjacent to the Galleria.

          2. I've heard indifference with regard to Nine, positive vibes coming from Hotel Palomar, but can't wait for The Porch. High quality is expected as the same crew that brought the wonders that are Hibiscus, Fireside Pies, and Cuba Libre are delivering the goods.

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            1. re: Isabel

              Unfortunately, The Porch missed an opportunity (necessity of new construction) to actually have a porch. Could have been some great al fresco dining for much of the year.