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Mar 5, 2007 10:34 AM

When Good Restaurants Go Bad[La Mexicana]

After years of faithful visits to La Mexicana[S.1st St]I have to ask this question.What's happened?My last 3 trips have been awful.I buzzed in a couple weeks ago for a couple carnitas tacos.Two tablespoons of meat does not a taco make...miserly portion control does not build customer traffic it drives patrons to other of La Reyna's tacos would easily make 3 of La Mexicanas.A week later I went in for Huevos Rancheros,formerly one of the best platters in town.One fried egg was over well and leathery,the other had barely made it to the over easy stage,the refried beans were cold,the home fries raw.Not one to give up I decided to get a pound of carnitas to go.Used to be a hefty packet wrapped in butcher paper but this one was pressed into a small styrofoam cup...threw it on my kitchen scales at the house.10 ounces is not a pound folks.I've eaten there for years but am wondering if maybe the place changed hands or something.Thoughts?

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  1. I lived within walking distance of La Mexicana for two years, starting in late 2003. During that time, every visit (I went nearly ten times) was disappointing; at best, visits might be merely mediocre. La Reyna was much more reliable (although far from delicious).

    1. I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if La Mexicana has a new cook. There's often a lot of turnover at Mexican restaurants that hire kitchen staff (as opposed to places where the owners and cooks are all in the same family). I've noticed the trend at places in San Antonio: Taco Taco Cafe went downhill and hasn't recovered, while Panchito’s off days can be tracked to the good cook's days off. I can tell by the shape of the breakfast potatoes which cook is in the kitchen that day. If I see the flat circles, I take off!

      Thanks all the same for the downhill alert on La Mexicana, scrumptious.


      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Nothing to add here, nothing at all. Unless, of course, you find yourself walking on your knuckles late at night on S. 1st , in which case La Mexicana is an option better than, well, What-A-Burger.

          Torta de cubana, aka "torta de trainwreck":