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Mar 5, 2007 10:31 AM

Sacramento lunch fare

Hi all. We are going to be spending the large part of this coming weekend in Sacramento at the Cherry Island Soccer complex. Big tournament! I'm looking for lunch suggestions, not expensive, but definitely good food. I will have adventurous eating teenage boys with me, so type of food is not an issue. It's got to be pretty close to the soccer complex, (corner of 28th and U) as we don't have a ton of time between games. Thanks for your help! Denise

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  1. Your best bet may be to go south to Broadway. Tower cafe is a good choice. New Canton is great for dim sum, but you need to be there before 11:30.

    1. Unfortunately, Cherry Island is in North Highlands far away from downtown. Things are pretty tough up there, but you could try the House of Chicken & Ribs ( ) off Elverta or Mountain Mike's Pizza ( ) at Watt & Elkhorn. Both are above average and are very close to the soccer.

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        OP said 28th and U. That's not North Highlands is it?

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          28th and U is in both Sacramento and North Highlands. The Cherry Island Soccer Complex is in North Highlands. 28th & U in midtown Sacramento is a bunch of houses near the 50/99 junction. I made the same mistake when I first went for a cousin's soccer game.

      2. Pennisi's. I had lunch at this place back in January. No complaints. Maybe you can call ahead and get it to go?

        1. There are a couple of problems with Cherry Island. First, as others have noted, there's not a lot of options close to the complex. Second, sometimes the parking can be atrocious, and you won't want to give up your space once you find one. This, of course, depends on the size of the event...a smaller tournament won't have the parking problem, but since you say it's a big tournament, it can be quite a chore. The last time we were there, we packed a lunch and found some tables.

          1. If you want to go eat, here are a couple of possibilities. There is fast-foodie stuff at Watt and U. There is, in Rio Linda, a Chinese place that has reportedly awesome hamburgers, supposedly the area's best. I can't vouch for them, because I'm vegeterian. Take 28th to Q, Q to 10th, 10th will curve around and become M Street. It's at 7th and M. Good (but grubby) coffee across the street at Rio Java. If you have time and really want to be adventurous, go way down Watt to about A street, to a Russian restaurant called Stolichniy. Or, go down 28th (down meaning lower letters of the alphabet) to Elkhorn, the major boulevard, go east to Natomas Blvd and down (south) on Natomas to Del Paso Road. A number of eateries in this vicinity. To be frank, the great majority of eateries in this area are going to be chain-like. Good luck with eats, good luck with the tournament.

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              If the Russian place has a catering event on Sat. they close without notice.