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Mar 5, 2007 10:29 AM

New Taco Truck in Wallingford

For about a week now, a new truck has been dishing out the goods in the Winchell's parking lot on 45th, just east of Dick's. It is called Rancho Bravo, and was formerly located in Kirkland, according to the cashier (there are now 2 other trucks in Kirkland operated by the same proprietor, she said, and a brick-and-mortar taqueria planned for Bellevue).
They have all the usual tacos, tortas, and burritos. I had one taco each of carnitas, asada, and al pastor, and they were all of fine quality. The fresh salsa roja and verde were nice, and there was an exceptional spicy yellow-green one.

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  1. thanks for the notice. My wife and I just relocated from California and so far haven't seen anything besides taco time and other such travesties. Have to try it.

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      Welcome to Seattle!
      I just posted this the other day about Tacos El Asadero in Rainier Valley a block or two north of Safeway. It is the big white bus with tarp covered area outside. You can't miss it. On your left as you drive south.
      "I second Tacos El Asadero. Generally I just call it The Taco Bus, but it is seriously the best I've had outside of Mexico. I've tried all of the taco wagons on Rainier, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had a favorite. With the risk of sounding ridiculous, a stop at The Taco Bus is often the highlight of my day. I crave their tacos. I go for dos con carnitas y uno con pollo. Be sure to get some of their pickled jalapeƱos and carrots. Add some extra sauce and then squeeze a lime over each taco. It is a perfect meal. Que rico!"

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        The Mexican food here isn't like southern CA, for obvious reasons, but I wouldn't say Taco Time is the norm, either. Check out old threads for lots of Mexican recommendations-there's even a thread or two devoted to taco trucks around town.

      2. On beacon ave, el quetzal serves mexico city style street food, such as tortas and huaraches. Living part time in Santa Ana, CA, I can say that this equals, if not exceeds much of the great mexican food I get in So Cal.
        El Quetzal
        3209 Beacon Ave. S.
        Seattle, WA 98144
        (206) 329-2970

        Also I agree that Tacos El Asadero has some pretty tasty options as well. Both are close to each other so you may be able to visit both on the same trip.

        1. This is very exciting! I live in Wallingford and, before this, the closest taco truck was the one in the gas station parking lot east of Northgate!

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            I am surprised there are not more trucks in densely developed areas of the city or neighborhood centers. It seems that many of the trucks are way north, on Rainier Ave. South, or in White Center. The Wallingford truck has been killing it lately-they often run out of food to sell before closing time-and they have to compete with the Dick's draw. Others should follow suit, like perhaps set up shop in the Pike/Pine corridor, downtown Ballard, near Pike Place, etc.

          2. Also, try La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballad. They serve some seriously good, no-fuss food. Atmosphere is very casual (European-style seating). No reservations. Gets very crowded, so show up early!

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