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Mar 5, 2007 10:22 AM

Chicken Pot Pie

My name is Arturo and I am addiced to Chicken Pot Pies. I coudl tell you a whole lot more about my obessions but mainly, can anyone recommend their favvorite restaurant in any city that makes a great CPP?

I was recently in Atlanta and had a delicious CPP from Mary Mac's Tea Room. XLNT!

As far as store bought (sometimes you have to!), the best all time was Mrs. Cuberson's Individual Hand held Chicken Pot Pie (with a light cream sherry gravy). My local (Santa Cruz CA) Costo sold them, then after a few years stopped. They are from Australia and I had little luck seeking local providers ...

Woe is me! What I need is a good Chicken Pot Pie!


More later ...

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  1. I used to have the same addiction, and had to cut back when forced to watch my salt intake. Marie Callendar's makes a great pot pie. If you can eat at the restaurant, do. But the ones in the freezer at the grocery store are good too. Second in the grocery would be Boston Market.

    1. Anyone ever been to the San Diego Chicken Pot Pie Shop.

      Talk about an obsession! There is a saying about this place: There is nothing on the menu over $5.00 .... and nothing on the mention worth more than $5.00.

      Pure pie. I kneel at the doorway and then go silly!


      1. you should try a amish or mennonite version of chicken pot pie...but it's more like chicken and dumplings. I have no clue where you can get it, but if you are ever in hagerstown, md you should hit my grandma up for some!

        oh and apparently a company called "harrow's chicken pies" makes them here in the boston area (reading, ma). Don't know if they are good or not

        1. A small neighborhood restaurant called 'The Liberty Cafe' in the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. To die for.

          1. Kansas City, MO, at a place called, what else, Potpie! My personal favorite is the beef and mushroom pot pie, but the chicken is also really good.

            Also, Overland Park, KS- House of Katie Nell, recipe courtesy of Ina Garten! :-)