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Mar 5, 2007 10:15 AM

Know of good Mexican food caterer for Marin beach wedding?

Looking for good mexican food caterers willing to travel and set up at Muir Beach Community center. Anyone had a good experience with a local SF or Marin restaurant that offers this service?

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  1. Ann Walker is an excellent caterer located in San Anselmo. I'm sure she could whip up some great Mexican food. Everything I tried from her at our tasting was excellent, and she suggested an agua fresca for our menu.

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      Just wanted to add - Ann Walker catered my friend's wedding who wanted vegetarian Mexican fare. Said friend raved about it.

    2. Check out La Cocina. I'm pretty sure that they would have someone who could make that happen.

      1. How fancy? My mom used a taco truck for the final day of a big winery distributor week, since she figured they would be tired of fancy food and wine. I think beer and tacos was a big hit. This was over in St. Helena so you'd probably have to find a taco truck with a closer home base.

        1. Have you thought of Sol Food in San Rafael? I know they used to cater, haven't confirmed recently that they still do. They are Puerto Rican, I believe, not Mexican, but we've always loved the food there.