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Mar 5, 2007 10:15 AM

Asheville, NC - Restaurants that host private parties/events?

I'm getting marriend in Asheville next spring, and we're trying to decide where we'll host our rehearsal dinner. We're considering a couple different non-restaurant venues, but we're also investigating restaurants. We'll have approximately 80 guests, so we'll need a restaurant with a room that can accomodate that many people. Has anyone attended or hosted a similar sized event in any Asheville restaurants? Any recommendations? Has anyone had a bad experience anywhere that we should know about? Thanks!

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  1. That is not a huge number....I have heard that 28806 in West Asheville will close for private parties. Also consider Crest Mountain - amazing view.

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      how was the food at Crest Mountain?

    2. check out the Grovewood Cafe. Its next door to the grove Park Inn and is a popular independent for rehearsal dinners and such. Can accommodate 80ppl with ease.

      1. I'd hesitate about recommending the Grovewood. Have had 2 groups of friends dine there recently and both were unimpressed. Both said so-so service and food wasn't worth the price.

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          wow thats surprising. The chef is one of the few in town that is classically trained. Everything from scratch. you would never see a Sisco truck in the parking lot there. I have always been very impressed with the place, and go there frequently. I have also had several friends have special events there that went beautifully. They even recently hosted a celebration dinner for Dan Akroyd and John Goodman.

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            US Foods,IFH and Sothern Foods all deliver to Grovewood.FWIW.

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              LOL, I thought the comment from bethd127 was kinda funny as well. No offense but almost every restaurant gets at least some things from the big boys. Sometimes you have little choice. Also, there are quite a few 'classically' trained chefs here in town. Just FYI.

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          1. Joe Scully of Corner Kitchen and Brian S. of Tupelo Honey are both trained chefs. Joe attended CIA and Brian went to Johnson and Wales.

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              yeah, and those are great places to eat. Love corner kitchen especially. Too bad more great chefs don't come to asheville. AB Tech Culinary is pretty good, and turning out some well trained grads thankfully.