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Asheville, NC - Restaurants that host private parties/events?

I'm getting marriend in Asheville next spring, and we're trying to decide where we'll host our rehearsal dinner. We're considering a couple different non-restaurant venues, but we're also investigating restaurants. We'll have approximately 80 guests, so we'll need a restaurant with a room that can accomodate that many people. Has anyone attended or hosted a similar sized event in any Asheville restaurants? Any recommendations? Has anyone had a bad experience anywhere that we should know about? Thanks!

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  1. That is not a huge number....I have heard that 28806 in West Asheville will close for private parties. Also consider Crest Mountain - amazing view.

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      how was the food at Crest Mountain?

    2. check out the Grovewood Cafe. Its next door to the grove Park Inn and is a popular independent for rehearsal dinners and such. Can accommodate 80ppl with ease.

      1. I'd hesitate about recommending the Grovewood. Have had 2 groups of friends dine there recently and both were unimpressed. Both said so-so service and food wasn't worth the price.

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          wow thats surprising. The chef is one of the few in town that is classically trained. Everything from scratch. you would never see a Sisco truck in the parking lot there. I have always been very impressed with the place, and go there frequently. I have also had several friends have special events there that went beautifully. They even recently hosted a celebration dinner for Dan Akroyd and John Goodman.

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            US Foods,IFH and Sothern Foods all deliver to Grovewood.FWIW.

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              LOL, I thought the comment from bethd127 was kinda funny as well. No offense but almost every restaurant gets at least some things from the big boys. Sometimes you have little choice. Also, there are quite a few 'classically' trained chefs here in town. Just FYI.

        2. Joe Scully of Corner Kitchen and Brian S. of Tupelo Honey are both trained chefs. Joe attended CIA and Brian went to Johnson and Wales.

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            yeah, and those are great places to eat. Love corner kitchen especially. Too bad more great chefs don't come to asheville. AB Tech Culinary is pretty good, and turning out some well trained grads thankfully.

          2. Would love to know what you decided. We are looking into a rehearsal dinner in the Ashville area for 80 people too. What did you end up doing?

            1. We are planning a reception and a rehearsal dinner in the Asheville area, so I would also be interested in learning what you decided.

              For the rehearsal dinner, we are thinking of doing a backyard-type BBQ - any good ideas on who might cater or which restaurant might host such a thing?

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                for a BBQ check out 12 bones...not sure if they cater, but it is worth a shot.

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                    Just checked out 12 Bones. That does look like a fun place but i just checked and the date we are looking at is booked. Any other ideas?

                1. Windows on the Park does this - the're a catering place. They were a wine restaurant that had amazing food but when the park across from them closed they closed their doors. Nice place and the food - and wine - are very good.

                  If you're set on BBQ Little Pigs might be able to do it.

                  Another idea is Pisgah View Ranch. It's out a bit but if you want an interesting down home experience they're an option. It's all country food - fried chicken, mashies, etc served in a setting like at home. Big tables where you pass the bowls around and get to know your neighbors.

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                    I heard recently that Pisgah view ranch is closed. Laurey's catering..
                    Lobster Trap does catering as well - but not BBQ.

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                      Pisgah View Ranch is not closed. I just spoke with them. Their season is May - October.

                      We have looked at Taylor Ranch and Claxton Farm as well. Both have not been very good with communication, but both seem like very good venues.

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                      Another venue similar to Windows on the Park is On Broadway, which is part of Celine & Co. Catering. We are also considering a rehearsal dinner there. It's right downtown...

                    3. Just went to a party at "The Farm" that was catered by 12 Bones. The spot was lovely, could easily handle 80 people and would work well for a casual theme. Here's the line - http://www.thefarmpartybarn.com/

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                        The Wedding is actually at "The Farm" The three we are thinking about are The Inn on Church, The Black Forest Resturant and Little Venice. Any thoughts on any of these?

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                          your choices above could not be more different...
                          Inn on Church is an historic inn/boarding house with a beautiful veranda in downtown Hendersonville. I've only had lunch there and not in a while but they have won some awards recently for some dishes they entered into a competition.
                          Black Forest is on H-ville Road near Arden - a busy area - while this is a German restaurant they seem to get the most accolades for their steaks. I recall it is rather dark inside and I don't think or am not aware that they have any outside dining.
                          Little Venice in East Asheville/Fairview? If this is the same place it is in a strip mall off of Fairview Road. It is a very average place that I have been for inexpensive work lunches.

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                            avoid little venice. barely average pizza. some menu items can be found in freezer case at sams/costco (garlic knots - if those things are homemade, i'll eat the box they came in).

                            black forest is just ok; like leah said, steaks seem to be their forte.

                            inn on church looks pretty, but that's all i can tell you.

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                              I do not know anything about the inn on church but Little Venice is your average every-day Greek/Italian. Not something that one would necessarily think of for a special occasion, more like an inexpensive lunch. The Black Forest is very dark (and kind creepy). I would second looking into Celine's On Broadway.

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                                I did look into Celines on Broadway and because we are looking at the week-end of Bele Chere they are closing down. I was advised to not book something in downtown Asheville that week-end because parking will be an issue. Any other ideas on someplace on the outskirts.

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                                  holy hell bele chere....yes stay away from anywhere near downtown. Best to find a place in Black mountain or Hendersonville. Be advised, finding lodging will be a huge issue. Bele Chere is Huge...100, 000 + people.

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                                The Black Forest is a great restaurant - and they do have outdoor seating, along with 7 dining rooms. Their food is outstanding - and they offer much more than just German food.

                            2. I attended a rehearsal dinner at the Grovewood Cafe a year ago & it was very good. Every aspect of the experience worked & I would probably book them if I was planning a similar event. Went there for brunch a few months ago & it was delightful & delicious!
                              Best of luck with the wedding plans. Asheville is a lovely place for a wedding (and future anniversary trips)!

                              1. If you are going to cater BBQ, I recommend BBQ Ranch in Fletcher. You will have to find a place to have it (maybe in Cander at the farm). I hosted a group of 60 at my house and he brought the pig out on a cooker. It was around $560 for 60 people, but get your own drinks (their tea was powdered). The pig was the very best I had ever had. Everything else was scrumptious.

                                1. okay, just saw you are having the wedding at the farm and that it is bele chere weekend. That definately changes things; however, they are thinking of moving Bele Chere next year to August or September (or is this for this year?)

                                  1. Realize might be too late as misread the date but this may be helpful for others. Just went to a wedding at Claxton Farms in Weaverville; both indoors and out, bar, beautiful settings, outdoor dance floor; great food, perfect place. Pre-wedding party was at 12 Bones in Asheville; does only private parties at night; also was indoors and out.

                                    1. Olive or Twist in Downtown handles large events. They can accommodate up to 150 people. They do plated dinners and buffets.