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Mar 5, 2007 10:11 AM

Pre-Matinee Sunday Brunch

I'm going to see Mama Mia. Broadway and 51st Street. Any suggestions? I'm looking for a nice restaurant that serves brunch food, not just lunch. Thanks.

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  1. There are many places in the Theater District that have nice atmospherics, very good food and a varied brunch menu.

    Roberto Passon, on the corner of 9th Av. & 50th St., is quite close to your theater.

    Others further away:

    West Bank Cafe -

    Marseille -

    Le Madeleine -

    1. Cafe des Artistes isn't too far, you can hop in a cab after and I love the place for brunch

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        I have not been to Cafe des Artistes for brunch, but if the food's anything like the barely mediocre dinner we had, I wouldn't bother shlepping up there.

      2. I would highly recommend schlepping a bit further downtown to Cookshop for brunch. They have an excellent brunch menu that I just discovered yesterday as my first trip there was for dinner. It's on 10th Ave. corner 20th St. It's a short subway ride back to the west 50's on the C train and a relatively cheap short cab ride as well. Plus they accept reservations so, no waiting in line.

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          I'm curious about this place. So, what's brunch like at Cookshop?

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            I haven't been, but my daughter and her boyfriend have had dinner there and raved about it. Here's the brunch menu:

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              Cookshop's brunch menu online will give you a good idea on what they have. I like it because you can make a reservation. Plus, it's not a tiny,kitchsy place and they also serve good fun cocktails (espresso martini, grapefruit mojito etc.) to go with brunch in a hip-buzzing place. The place is owned and managed by the same peeps who owns Five Points. But, the food here is definitely much better either for Brunch or Dinner specially if you like meat (pork specially).

          2. Brooklyn diner on 57th btwn broadway and 7th does a great brunch in a fun atmosphere. might be a wait though as its a small place.

            1. I went to Marseille for brunch for the first time last weekend and it was really good! I wasn't expecting much but it really was delicious and on par with one of the better brunches I've had in the city. Try the french toast if you go!

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                Marseille (44th & 9th) is a very good place for pre-theatre brunch. I like their Moroccan Bloody Mary (with cumin and harissa) and the scrambled eggs with merguez or the poached egg over ratatouille. They're deservedly popular and reservations are advised; they're on Open Table.