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White Lily self-rising flour - $2.00 a bag?

Hi all,

Where I live, White Lily flour is not available (I've checked everywhere - Kroger(Frys), Wal-Mart, Safeway, Costco, etc.). I used to be able to order it for $2.00 a bag, but White Lily's online store is gone. It now costs a little more than $4.00 a bag.

Does anyone know of an online place where I can order for $2.00 a bag?

Thank you,


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  1. I can't remember what it costs (as I'd buy it if it were $50/lb). but Surfas in Culver City has both plain and SR flour AND SR cornmeal mix

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    1. re: Will Owen

      I just checked on their website, and Surfas' price for all the White Lily flours is $5.99 for a 5-lb bag.

      I would guess that WL shut down their online outlet to avoid competing with their own customers, now that it's being distributed more widely.

      1. re: Will Owen

        I was at Surfas and they no longer carry White Lily Products. I was told that there is no longer a distributor in Los Angeles.

        Any anyone know of an alternative source except the Smucker's website?

    2. Eddie, how long ago was this? I don't think you're going to find White Lily anywhere for $2/bag these days, not even in a supermarket in South Carolina. ;) For that, you'll be lucky to find a supermarket house brand, I think.

      1. Hi all,

        It was about in December when they had it, but a Google cache still exists and it shows January 8, 2007.

        I think I found it.

        Go there, and you find:


        The product page is still up. I don't know if I'll be able to order it (they might call me and tell me my order's cancelled), but I will try and order that.



        1. Post back when you find out? I just poked around a little on that site, and when you go through the main index and search pages, it says there's nothing "currently available" in the flour category...

          1. Yep, but Google's cache still has the White Lily link. The product page is still up for some reason. I'd think that if they didn't have a few bags in inventory they'd remove that.


            1. Orphan pages actually aren't that uncommon - as often as not because it's "out of sight, out of mind" from the website developers' perspective, since it can't be navigated to from their own web pages. But hopefully they do have a few bags around and won't notice that the order "shouldn't have" come through..

              1. Well, I don't think they can do anything more than call me up and tell me my order's cancelled and refund my card. It's worth a try.

                I'll let you know if it's successful.


                1. Dear users, I have worked at the manufacturing facility that produces these fine products for 10 years. The White Lily brand is the most premium baking products line you will find. To order these fine products, please call 1-800-742-6729. You can purchase the products from this line or at this website:


                  Thanks for your patronage!

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                  1. re: StephenTrail

                    White Lily SR Flour is good, but I can bake biscuits with Martha White SR, or other white flours, and you won't be able to tell the difference.

                    1. re: Anonimo

                      If I had the light, practiced hand biscuits generally require, so could I. Any SR flour gives you a step up, as these are (I have read) generally made from lower-gluten wheat than most all-purpose flours. I can make good biscuits with Martha White, too, but nobody in Southern California sells it (though I bought some MW self-rising cornmeal at a 99¢-Only store once!). If I use White Lily, it seems as though I couldn't make a really tough or heavy biscuit if I tried...and I CAN get that here.

                    2. re: StephenTrail

                      Thanks. White Lily makes the best biscuits on earth. Have tried Martha White and there's no comparison. Wish that White Lily were available in Austin. You would think in a major city it would be.

                      1. re: southpointdotcom

                        It is on the shelf at Whole Foods in NOLA, the one in Austin ought to have it. Hell, even SuperWalMart carries it.

                    3. I just found WL Flour from www.shopFoodEx.com. I ordered 2x 5 lbs of White Lily All Purpose ($2.89 each), and 2x 5 lbs of WL SR flour ($2.99 each). I also ordered 1x 2 lbs WL Quick Grits for $2.81.

                      My total order will weigh 22 lbs and according to the terms, the shipping cost of $10.97 might be subject to an additional charge but, if not, the $10.97 shipping charge is a really good deal! I seem to recall paying $16 for 2, 5-lb bags (shipping included) from the WL company a few years ago. My husband laughed at me for paying over $8 per bag of flour, until he ate my biscuits!

                      We just got back from a trip to Nashville and I packed around 20 pounds of flour and cornbread mix in my suitcases and got laughed at by the baggage check-in lady when I had to rearrange my sacks of flour because one suitcase was over the 50-pound limit! We don't have a Whole Foods or Wal-Mart where we live in Santa Barbara.

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                      1. re: Lizrose211

                        LOL, Lizrose.....you remind me of myself when I moved from SE N.C. to Atlanta. At that time(many, many years ago) I used only Golden Eagle flour, which was local to the area I grew up in. With each trip home, I'd return to Atl with a trunk full of Golden Eagle flour and cornmeal! Eventually, I wasn't going home too often and just switched to WL. I now live back in N.C., but in the mountains. Thank goodness WL is readily availbale here in ANY store.

                        1. re: Deepster

                          Hi Deepster,

                          I was so happy to find that source for WL flour but but now I'm crying because I just received an email from ShopFoodEx, informing me that they cannot send my order because it is too costly to ship! I am SO bummed out. The only other source I have found is the Smucker's site, and they're too expensive.

                          I guess I'll just have to make another trip to the south and bring flour home again. My hubby and I want to fly to North Carolina and see that Gingerbread House contest next year! I might have to try that Golden Eagle brand. If we do, I'm taking an extra suitcase just for flour!!! My son was teasing me about bringing flour home from Nashville, which drew suspicion from the baggage x-ray so my bag had to be inspected. He said I was bringing in my stash of "Nashville Snow!"

                          The funny thing, Deepster, is I have lived in Santa Barbara all my life, but am a big time baking powder biscuit lover. Maybe I lived in the South in another life, because I also wish we could get good grits here in So Calif!

                          1. re: Lizrose211

                            I'm VERY happy again! I paid the same price per pound with Smucker's (shipping cost included) for WL flour and cornmeal that I was willing to pay with ShopFoodEx. Apparently Smucker's bought the White Lily company. I purchased 6x 5-lb bags of WL products for $34.95 total. I called customer service and they confirmed that my order would be shipped at the standard rate of $8.95. That makes the total cost almost $6 per bag but, to me, it is worth it! However, I have no idea where I'm going to store it all!!! To order, go to: http://onlinestore.smucker.com/displa...

                            1. re: Lizrose211

                              It's worth it to find a friend or two who want to share a shipment of White Lily flours or cornmeal. If you buy a dozen 5-lb. bags of White Lily flour or cornmeal (any combination of 4 varieties) from Smucker's, then you get a somewhat better deal. You pay $5 per bag because three 4-packs cost $48 and the shipping cost is $11.95 for an under $50 purchase.

                              The info is at http://onlinestore.smucker.com/displa....

                              Shipping info is at http://onlinestore.smucker.com/shippi...

                              1. re: Lizrose211

                                Great shakin', Liz, and Nancy Berry! Heck I was about to offer to ship the stuff to you myself. Just as a note of interest. I am almost certain the Golden Eagle brand is no longer available ANYWHERE. I have googled it, and it seems to be non-existent. It was a "local yokel" brand even 3 decades ago, and has probably long bit the dust to highly commercial competition. Meanwhile, MW is definitely a super product, and I hope you folks get your shipments soon and are able to enjoy a wounderful Southern item!

                        2. As Paliman mentioned above, White Lily is NLA from Surfas, the reason being that the manufacturer has decided to stop distributing the products (this includes Martha White as well) west of the Rockies. One byproduct of this was that for a few brief, glorious moments, Martha White Hot-Rize cornmeal mix was on sale in several 99¢-Only stores (!!!), and I bought two bags just because I didn't have storage room for any more...and now I'm out. Dang.

                          So now I will just have to pay online prices plus shipping...as I do for country sausage, bacon and ham. S'wot I get for moving to LaLa Land...

                          1. I am in FL. and just bought a bag at Publix, and I think it was around $3 a bag. More expensive then all the other flours, so I am going to try it and see if I can taste any big difference. Actually, it's the first time that I have seen it there, not to say that it has not been there, but maybe the eyes never wandered in that direction!!

                            1. I'm looking to purchase some White Lily flour myself. Which version should I use for biscuits? Is there a huge difference in the self rising variety?

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                              1. re: gabby29

                                I use the all-purpose for biscuits. I don't buy the self-rising because I like to have control of the amount and type of salt and leavening I put into my recipes.

                                1. re: Nancy Berry

                                  Thank you Nancy! I've been trying to figure out what I needed to make Martha's biscuits. I really appreciate your help.

                                  1. re: gabby29

                                    White Lily is on sale here this week for 1.38/5lb. I would be willing to ship 10 peeps 2-5lb. bags plus postage. It's that good, as you all know. Due to Xmas delivery issues I cannot promise a delivery date, but still would do it for "costs". Email. My Christmas gift to a few foodies!

                              2. The NYTimes has a feature on White Lily Flour today (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/18/din...). The reason that it's now available through Smuckers on-line is that Smuckers now owns the brand.

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                                1. re: ClaireWalter

                                  I'm glad White Lily is still being milled in some form, but all in all, the NY Times article made me rather sad. Why can't corporate giants keep their hands off the little guys?

                                  1. re: Low Country Jon

                                    Yup - they're claiming there's NO difference, but several of those interviewed say it's really not the same anymore. And as far as I'm concerned, if Shirley Corriher says it, it's so.

                                    Guess I'll have to go back to Martha White; the second-best is now the best. Sad.

                                2. Apparently White Lily is dead and buried.
                                  My wife is so distressed she can't even talk about it.
                                  She said "I'm never going to bake again."
                                  Last time we were down South, we bought thirty pounds of the stuff to bring back with us to New York, because she claims that you can't make biscuits with anything else.
                                  We've still got over twenty pounds in the freezer, but now we're concerned that, much like the sponge in the famous episode of Seinfeld, once they're gone, they're gone.
                                  The question is, what can people now do to prove they're White Lily-worthy?

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                                  1. re: Greg Strong

                                    Oh, lots of people can make biscuits without White Lily - their hands are so sensitive, so gentle, even their Gold Medal biscuits practically float above the plate. Not me, though. My ham-handed ways make doorstops by the dozen, unless I'm using White Lily. Tell ya what, I'm ready to bite nails and spit rust. Smucker's just shotgunned a kitten on TV, as far as I'm concerned.

                                    1. re: Will Owen

                                      You guys might start checking discount stores. It seems Smuckers is unloading the Knoxville White Lilly flour. Up in the SF Bay Area, Grocery Outlet was selling 5 lb bags today for $1.99 from the Knoxville location. I rarely bake so I was curious if that was a good price, though IIRC even Gold Medal costs more than that these days.

                                      1. re: rworange

                                        I bought 25 lbs. of the Knoxville produced product yesterday in my local Kroger. I knew from the NYT article that they are changing it and are not going to produce it in Knoxville. Remember New Coke? Ack! Hopefully consumer outrage and demand will force them to return to the original and my supply will out last the return to normalcy. No, mine is not the SR variety, but regular. I am going to vacuum seal the bags so I don't have to worry about the deterioration.

                                        1. re: Candy

                                          The Knoxville product was on the shelves at Kroger in my area as well. $3.49 for 5#.

                                          1. re: Docsknotinn

                                            I will check again this afternoon, but I think it was less than that in my local Kroger. More than other brands but not quite that high.

                                            1. re: Candy

                                              It was $3.00 a bag at the Food Lion in Amherst, VA, plus, for me, $16 for the tote bag I had to buy at the airport to put it in along with my purse, so that I could get on the plane!

                                  2. WHITE LILY is gone,was bought out over a year ago.NY TIMES published all the info
                                    maybe a month ago.The new owner IS NOT using the same wheat,there is a clear difference.Not sure,I think the historic mill ect is to close very soon,perhaps has.I haven't seen any GENUINE WHITE LILY in 6 months to a year.Last two trips south I
                                    checked dates on the bags,bought all the REAL stuff I could for the freezer.
                                    KING ARTHUR SWANS DOWN SOFT AS SILK may come close,again it is not
                                    the same wheat or bleaching process.I am like most,can even smell the difference.
                                    sad loss

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                                    1. re: lcool

                                      The packages are plainly marked 100% winter wheat and it is from Lexington not the new plant. This could all be marketing and the bag does not indicate if it is wheat from the USA.
                                      The Swans Down I see/use is cake flour and mixed 50/50 with AP works well for bisquits.
                                      I prefer King Arthur. 100% US wheat 100% employee owned.

                                    2. After resigning myself to purchasing second-best (Martha White), I went online to purchase MW flour and learned that MW is also now owned by Smucker's!! So is MW still second best or even WORSE than that now?!!

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                                        Try Midstate Mills -- www.midstatemills.com -- a North Carolina company for whom Shirley Corriher (author of the award-winning books Bakewise and Cookwise) is consulting. They asked her to help them reformulate their Southern Biscuit All-Purpose and Southern Biscuit Self-Rising Flours so that they are as close to White Lily as you're going to get. This is a relatively small, family-owned mill that uses the right wheat for their flour and mills it finely enough to get the correct results. They also sell self-rising corn meal and grits as well as some biscuit and pancake mixes via the web. If you're in the South, you can get these products at a number of grocery stores and supermarkets.

                                      2. If you go to the Kroger store, you can request it. They will see if it is available from their local distributor and get it in the store for you. Just speak to someone that is Head of Grocery or the one in charge for the specialty food items. I used to work there. We did it all the time.

                                        1. My BJ's just started carrying it. $2.50/5lb bag!!!