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Mar 5, 2007 10:00 AM

Sushi for 10 in Santa Monica...........

Okay here is the dilema. Birthday outing for 10 sushi lovers but need to stay in Santa Monica or at least West LA (Sawtelle?). Prefer more traditional than cali-sushi but any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. With the "traditional" caveat in mind you would do well at either Sushi Tenn on Sawtelle just south of La Grange or Sushi Mori at the Y intersection of Gateway and Pico, (my choice) both in West LA.

    1. U-Zen in WLA (Santa Monica Blvd. near Bundy) would be my rec for this. They have a large table in the center of the resto that would be perfect.

      1. Echigo or Sushi Zo would be my picks for traditional sushi that could accomodate such a large party. I prefer Kiriko the best but the place is tiny.

        1. Sasabune could probably handle a party that size (but they're closed on the weekend). Wherever you end up choosing, make a reservation at least a day in advance.

          1. The best place depends on your price range: For about $50-70 pp (generous amount of sushi with tax, tip and alcohol) I'd do that center table at Uzen suggested by Alimentary. Really good sushi and cooked dishes at a reasonable price, although not the hippest place. On SM Blvd. two blocks east of Bundy.

            For more like $80-$100 pp I'd go Kiriko on Sawtelle and Olympic (assuming that the large table in the back is big enough for ten... if not then Kiriko is too small), Sasabune (Wilshire west of Bundy) or Sushi Zo (National and Castle Heights in Beverlywood.) Bear in mind that Sushi Zo and Sasabune have sushi only; no cooked dishes and very few rolls. You'd have to make sure all 10 in your party are sushi purists. Sushi Zo may need more advance notice on a reservation than any of the other places because your party of ten would occupy just about the entire dining area.

            I haven't tried any of the other recommendations so have no opinion on them!

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              Sushi Tenn is about as expensive as Sasabune or Kiriko. Mori is more expensive than any other place mentioned here. I think my omakase was over $130 with tax, tip, and sake. Mori is in my opinion also the best sushi bar on the west side, though I often go elsewhere for almost-as-good and significantly-less-expensive sushi.