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1 Jar of Dona Maria Mole - help!

So I've never cooked Mole before but have this jar of Dona Maria. I've read some other posts about using it, and look forward to it. But, I'm more or less cooking for 2. I've got 2 little ones who seem to only want to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, and yogurt.

So I was looking at the Mole jar last night, and it looked like it was a lid that you didn't put back on after you opened it. How do you store it after you've opened it up? I don't expect to use the whole jar for the amount of Mole I would like to make, but then again, I've never done this before so I know squat!

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  1. Te jar says 4 parts water or stock to 1 part paste. My jar says it makes 7 servings so I'd make about half a jar for the 2 of us.

    1. I have made a Dona Maria Mole recipe that was posted by Dommy! once with chicken and again with turkey for GF and myself, just the 2 of us, that is easy and tasty. It is worth searching for but I'd wait until Engineering fixes 'Search' function. Sounds like your little ones get more protein than my picky twin lads!

      As far as storage is concerned, I just stick the lid back on and the mole paste seems to keep a long time in the fridge.

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        Pour the oil off the top and save it, then pour it back after you've removed however much paste you want. I usually pour a bit more in - any kind of edible oil - just to keep the paste from drying out. Also helps to have the top of the remaining paste a bit level.

        I used to make my sauce up in a blender, then I got a handheld stick blender which is a huge improvement, since you can do hot liquids without their exploding all over the place. When I'm using paste from a jar like this I usually add a big spoon of natural-type peanut butter, not the sweet kind. I blend it all up until it's smooth, then pour over the meat. My favorite is lightly-poached chicken, cooked whole and pulled off the bone, which will finish cooking in the oven with the sauce. If all you have is leftovers, that works too, Pork shoulder is ridiculously good.

      2. Right now, I have got a Jar of Dona Maria Mole verde and Pipian - both half full - in the fridge.

        I try to best re-affix the tin lid and put in a zip loc bag. It will stay preety long considering the salt and oil content. ou could trasfer to tuba ware.

        Some people like their Moles thick, some thin. So the ratio is really up to you re broth:paste.

        A poster once wrote how he brought the reconstituted paste as a dip for chips to parties he attended and its extreme popularity.

        If I were you, I would use half the paste - even for just two. The leftovers can be spread on warm tortillas as a snack or dip lightly fried tortilla in the sauce, fold to quarters and sprinkle with queso fresco/ seco and even top with scrambled eggs (enmolodes).

        1. You can always use leftover mole sauce to make enchiladas de mole, or chilaquiles con mole. When I use the jar of Doña Maria Mole I use the chicken broth from were I cooked the chicken that I am going to use for the mole. I also add chocolate (ibarra or abuelita) and a cinnamon stick to the mole sauce when cooking. The amounts of broth needed all depends how thick or thin you prefer the mole.
          Enjoy ; )

          1. The sauce can also be used as a garnishing/finishing sauce on tamales ... i live in LA so am lucky to have many varieties of tamales available ... may be an option for you to use up that sauce ... Also I sometimes purchase a roasted turkey breast from Vons and use it the sauce ... mole traditionally served with white rice (use chicken broth instead of water).

            1. You can use as much of the past that you need and store the rest covered in the fridge. It will last a long time. Now for the recipe, don't follow the instructions on the jar. Use 1 part mole paste, 2 parts tomato puree, 2 parts chicken broth or water, 1/4 part bittersweet chocolate shavings, 1/4 part sugar. You should add the chocolate shavings to the paste and only 1 part of the liquid and start stiring over low heat to make sure the chocolate melts and also the paste doesn't make many lumps. Add more of the liquid little by little until all the solids have disolved. The consistency should be that of a thick liquid, almost like hot fudge or maybe thinner. Keep in mind that it thickens as it cools down. Great on chichen, enchiladas, rice and, believe it or not, on your eggs for breakfast. By the way, Dona Maria is as far as I know the best commercial brand in the market. Enjoy.

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                Can I use Mexican hot chocolate shavings?

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                  If you mean shavings from Mexican Chocolate such as Abuelita or Ibarra, yes and it's very good, but you may then need to add less sugar or none, as this chocolate already has a lot of sugar.

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                  Mexicanjl, you are SO right! I brought a jar of Dona Maria from Mexico back to England and it turned out BEAUTIFULLYMMHHHOHSOOOGOOOD when I tweaked it with tomato puree etc. according to your advice! Without that, it tasted quite ..." humpf"
                  Thanks so much , it was a delightful meal and reminded us of the great time we had. Really recommened!

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                    I would like to try the Dona Maria using your recipe - do you suggest it cook for any certain amount of time?

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                      Once you have added all the ingredients I would probably let it seemer for about 15 mins with almost constant stirring, to make sure all the flavors blend. If you stop stirring it may burn at the bottom.

                  2. I have heard that Dona Maria has improved... but my last memory of it is that its pretty bad.... and not even in the same Galaxy as the unbranded, artisan pastes in plastic bags you get at Panaderias & Mercados. Dona Maria needs all the help you can give it... so by all means make sure to reconstitute it with the requisite tomato puree & chicken broth as suggested by others.

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                      I fully agree with you that the artisan pastes found in Mexico are much better. What I meant is that Dona Maria is one of the best commercial brands available in US grocery stores. La Costenia and Rogelio Bueno don't come even close, and local brands such as Trader Joe's taste completely different to real mole poblano.

                    2. Dona Maria Mole is really quite good, and the Pipian is even nicer, but I prefer to make mine from scratch using all authentic ingredients, which are a bit difficult to get in England, although it's getting easier. Whether you make it from the jar or from scratch, make as much as you can and then freeze the unused portions in containers, to be enjoyed time after time. They freeze and keep extremely well.

                      1. If I bought a jar of Pipian Dona Maria in Mexico 18 months ago, is it still good? It is unopened, to be clear.

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                          If opened it'll last for a year or more. If unopened I think it's immortal.

                        2. Has anyone tried the Dona Maria mole in a box? I saw it for the first time recently. It's more of a liquid and supposedly ready to serve.

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                            The box is okay for a quick fix, but the paste is better as you can make it better with the tomato pure and other ingredients. The box already has the chicken broth, which is a problem if you want to make something vegetarian.

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                              hi by tomato pure a que te referies ???

                              the tomato sauce in cans like HUnts o del Montez
                              or tomatoes from the market??

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                                Sorry I mispelled. I meant tomato "puree". You will find cans that actually state puree. It is like tomato sauce but the consistency is slightly different. I believe tomato sauce also has more salt in it.

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                              I keep the boxed and jar varieties handy, the box is easier to use ( and I really don't feel it's much different from the results with paste). I don't care for a sweet mole, prefer savory and have found that adding a bit of chili powder, cumin and chicken stock to the boxed or paste really makes it. I worked at a local mexican restaurant and LOVED their mole, and this gets it very close to theirs. Either way, I find the paste and the boxed variety a little bland without the chili powder and cumin. Having it tonight, actually. Extra cheese is always a good thing :)

                            3. Don't bother!! It is a foul substitute for the real thing.

                              1. the reason the lid is a pry-off is that the jars are meant to be used for drinking glasses after emptying, sort of like Kraft Cheese Spread. My mom saved those; years later when we'd bring wine to dinner at her house, she's grab one and say, "well, OK, but just a cheese glass full"

                                which became a standard line for laughs at family dinners.

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                                  <<whacks forehead>> And I've been throwing out all those mole and adobo jars...

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                                    When those glasses/jars break they turn into nasty shards. Cheap glass maybe?

                                    1. re: Glencora

                                      Most glass turns into shards. It's tempered glass, such as used in side windows of cars, that break into safe cubes.

                                      1. re: paulj

                                        I know that! -- but in my experience (I've broken a lot of glasses) some glass breaks into smaller, scarier, more jagged shards. With broken mole jars, I usually end up on the kitchen floor picking up the bits with masking tape. Though actually I haven't bought jarred mole in years.

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                                          So quit droppin' them! I never expected that Dona Maria was packed in Czeckoslovakian leaded crystal (yeah, I know, Dubcek had his challenges) and my glass breakage runs about 20 per year, a bummer every episode.

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                                        I know what you meant, but that was really very funny LOL

                                  2. I think this is a nice condiment or sauce for chicken, shrimp, or pork. I've used it several times, and can vouch for the flavor. I haven't made a traditional mole in a quite awhile, its a very quick fix when you need it. I've also used dollops of the paste mixed with chicken broth to flavor my own sauces, and man what an addition this stuff is.
                                    Take your roasted chicken shred it and set it aside. Add the Dona Maria to a hot saute pan with oil. Add white slivered onions and along with the mashed garlic. (you can also add some chipotle peppers or serranos for more heat) Mix the paste with chicken stock smoothing it out. Then add the Dona Maria to the hot pan with white onions, garlic and a little white wine or broth.
                                    Simmer, toss the chicken or shrimp in the sauce. Once its heated throuhg, skewer the chicken or shrimp,and toss the sesame seeds and or pepitas also the fresh cilantro over it all. Put it on a platter, and serve it all over white or red rice.I love to add some beautifully sliced avocados to add some creaminess to the dish. It's certainly beautiful and very tasty~Don't let the boxed product scare you off.
                                    There's not a thing wrong with it. I think the boxed product is superior to anything else I've tried.
                                    Mama Mia! Don't forget the soft warm flour tortillas and butter~ mmmmm... oh my goodness am I getting hungry!

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                                      and the box does not shatter when you drop it :)

                                      1. re: paulj

                                        you got it, and I'm the queen of clumsiness!

                                        1. re: paulj

                                          Stop, my stomach hurts from laughing!