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Mar 5, 2007 09:56 AM

Eating at Starwich - Did I just enter the Twilight Zone?

What goes on at Starwich? Every time I go there, I think they must be run by aliens. There is never anyone in the few I have seen (75th and Lex, 38th st., 42nd St.) and it always takes so long to get you food. They are not even cooking anything! Only making sandwiches. Plus, the decor is weird - what is up with the chesterfield furniture? Not to mention how big their menu is - I know some people like variety, but please tell me why anyone would have both Applewood smoked bacon and slab bacon - what is the difference? Plus, you can't get tomatoes or lettuce - it's heirloom tomatoes and mesclun. And I think the biggest joke of all - the sandwiches are listed as $7.95 in big bold letters on their menu - this includes no meat! All main ingredients (meats) are at least $1.00 extra. It's almost like advertising that a side dish at a restauarnt is $5.00 but in small print telling you that if you want an entree, add $20.00. Well, not exactly, but you get my drift.

The real kicker is that even if it is weird and expensive, at least it should be great which it is far from. I hear they want to open up a lot of these. Why bother?

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  1. Stick with the braised short rib sandwich -- truly outstanding.

    1. They do a ton of corporate delivery business so I often wait for a while when there are few people in the place. However, the duck confit sandwich is amazing - I have it once a week.

      1. Andy, YEAH on the Braised Rib and "Grilled Cheese" but 4get the "Heirlooms" because now they use regular store bought tomatoes (no taste) and don't worry about slab bacon because IF they bother to have it you really don't want it all fatty raw like the last time it was available (they ax the chefs and replace with cost-saving accountants, it seems). As far as the weird menu, every time I get used to it they "massage" it which seems to end up costing an extra buck or two before the massage. As far as it being empty - I bet that's because all their old customers are out searching for the ORIGINAL Starwich! And don't bother asking the "help" for help because they've removed that from the menu, too.

        1. Spot on, and more. A year ago, Starwich was still a great place to go or order from. Now, fugedaboudid. The orders are always filled incorrectly. Not like errors too often: errors every time. And when you complain, they insist that you got what you ordered. By the time it gets sorted out, you realize that now you're at risk for a pubic sandwich with sputum dressing, and you don't eat the replacement sandwich...which, incidentally, was ALSO made incorrectly.

          Save your time. Save your mind. Go somewhere, anywhere else. This place is beyond disaster.